How it happened (Asa Butterfield Fanfic)

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I sat alone in the cafeteria, looking around and pretending that I was expecting someone. Which I wasn't. Nope, I was definitely not popular. Not one bit.

But I knew someone who was. And she was coming my way. "Payton! Called a cheerful voice. Payton Bourgeois." I stared into the eyes of Chloe Moretz, the prettiest girl in school. Her wavy blonde hair was silky and perfect as always, and her magnificent green eyes stared into my boring brown ones.

"Why are you sitting alone?" She asked me sweetly, but I recognized that fake tone of voice. "I'm not... I cleared my throat. I'm expecting someone."

"Really?" She said, and smiled. "Well were you expecting this? And in one swift move, Chloe reached over and knocked my tray of food smoothly towards me with the back of her hand, and in nearly two seconds my face and shirt were splattered with peanut butter, jelly, milk, and orange slices.

"No." I managed to say without mumbling out from the peanut butter stuck to my mouth. "Well," Chloe said, and pursed her lips. "You'd better get used to it." Then she strutted away, leaving me feeling embarrassed, helpless, and lonely.

-Flashback ended-

Hi. I'm Payton Bourgeois. You probably know who I am... But here's the story of how everything happened. My story.

You're probably really confused right now... See, there's this movie star who stars in lots of my favorite movies- Hugo, The boy in the striped pajamas, and his most current one- Enders game.

Can you guess who it is? Bingo. Asa. Butterfield. Not only am I a huge fan of his, but I have a major crush on him. I have since freshman year, when we met.

Well technically he doesn't even know who I am... But we're in some classes together. Yup. That's right. We go to school together.

He's never talked to me in his life... And I'm not exactly sure how to talk to him, either. He's the hottest guy in school, AND he's famous. All the girls love him. All of them.

In Hugo, he played- well, Hugo. And guess who was in the movie with him? Chloe Moretz. Who looks much better now than she did in Hugo when she played Isabelle.

She has long, wavy blonde hair and stunning green eyes. And her figure is perfect. Unfortunately, her and Asa are going out. They were named, 'Hottest couple of the year' in the Freshman yearbook.

It honestly disgusts me. They're NOTHING alike. Chloe is a backstabbing bitch, unlike Asa who is the most amazing guy ever. From what I've heard, at least...

Anyways, here is my story. All the drama from Chloe, Asa, and other characters are soon to come. Here is how it happened.

A/N: Hi everyone! I love love love Asa Butterfield... But instead of writing him in love with a stranger, or even the author that's writing the fan fiction, I decided to add a little truth in there. Of course I don't know exactly how Payton and Asa got to go out in REAL life, but this is how I imagine it would go. And I added Chloe Moretz in there, who was indeed in Hugo with Asa, and they seemed to get along really well in real life. No idea if Chloe is a backstabbing bitch or not, but she's perfect for the story. For all the right reasons. Such as: 1. She's gorgeous! Perfect popular girl potential. 2. I saw her in one episode of a tv show, and she played a blackmailer, liar, and a selfish person. When she acted as the mean girl, she did wonderfully. So why not make her the mean girl in my story? 3. Asa and her know each other! They never really went out, but this is MY story. But don't judge Chloe, even though I made her like this. Well anyways this is my third story on wattpad. You're probably going to be a lazy ass and ignore this: but please vote and comment in how I did. For the intro. I'm probably not going to be writing a lot of authors notes... Don't worry :) anyways, ❤️ you all! -Kyra

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