My New Freedom Part 1

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Lesley's POV...

I was finally twenty one years old now  and legally old enough to take control of my own inheritance. The one my maternal grandmother and birth mother left for me.

But it wasn't always easy growing up to get to this point. Thanks to my fathers remarriage to a woman who already had children from a prior relationship as well as his own siblings. The last few years of my life living under the same roof with them was to put it plainly, bloody horrible.

"And a signature there and there Ms Jackson, and we'll be all done." Said Mr Kingsley, bringing me out of my thoughts.

He was the solicitor I ended up hiring to look after my interests when my fathers family tried to swindle me out of everything. Everything that was my mothers and her mothers. In fact, the large house was hers too and they tried to take it from me when it was in her will that it be held in trust until I was old enough to take control of it.

Which is now. But my fathers family tried all they could to take it all, the bloody greedy vultures.

All of them were lazy sods too.

"Thank you Mr Kingsley. I really do appreciate all that you have done for me." I said to him with a smile as I passed him back the pen I used.

It had been a hard fight getting to this point. A fight that slowly started when I was sixteen and went full on into a war between me and them when I turned eighteen. The last few years have been a battle and a half, but I finally won. As I had every right to I was thinking.

It wasn't that I deserved this inheritence and to be honest, I really didn't want it.

But had I left it all alone and not fought for it, then my mothers legacy and her mothers as well, would have been slowly degraded to nothing if my fathers family kept control of it.

Money wasn't the issue. Nor was the estates the issue either. None of the foundations were even an issue either.

It was that many people relied on the jobs and support that came with my inheritence. My fathers family wanted it all to sell it all off and retire overseas and live off the proceeds they tried to gain.

How sad for them that they all rushed into buying for themselves chateaus and estates that cost six zero's or more before they even found out that they weren't entitled to any of the funds they were hoping they would gain to pay for it.

So with the signing of all these papers in the magistrates office with my solicitor at my side, I took full control of what I had to claim as mine.

Now I had to learn how to work with it and to use it so that no one would suffer because I didn't know how to do anything.

But after today, I was going to be given a crash course not only in business ethics, but business acumen.

'Business acumen is keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome.' Is what dictionary said it was and I needed to learn how to use it.

Because more than my own self is at stake now that I was in control.

I was also responsible for so many other people and their families, so I had better get business savvy right quickly.

Pity some arse had to come along at the wrong time when I was in the wrong place and foul all that up for me at the start.

My name is Lesley Jackson and this is my story. Why don't you join me as I tell you about it.

This is my latest story that I hope you will enjoy. I'm not sure how this one will turn out since it's been in my head for a while and getting through the plot may take a little time.

So join me if you can and let's ride this story through all the twists and turns that we come across. Then tell me what you think.

Lyn (A.C.H)

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