|Chapitre Deux|

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THE ride to Hogwarts was quiet but pleasant. In Beauxbatons, the students reached the school by ridding their assigned Pegasus. However, it seemed to be in England you rode a carriage that was being towed by nothing, it was quiet peculiar to Ophelia.

She shared a carriage with Fleamont and his friends, whom she'd grown quiet fond of. She found Augusta was the 'mother' of the group, the responsible one. Fleamont and Oliver were the jokers, Septimus was quiet and hadn't talked to her much. There was Phoenix who was extremely smart but lacked common sense, and Cedrella was the loud one, who behaved and acted like the boys of the group, despite her delicate looks and petite figure.

"I wonder if Euphemia will notice me this year." Fleamont wondered as he glanced at the carriage in front of them.

"Euphemia Liddell?" Oliver smirked.

"The Ravenclaw prefect?" Phoenix added in, his facial expression matched Oliver's. He turned to Augusta. "Aren't you friends with her?"

Augusta shook her head stiffly. "No. We're roommates, not friends."

"Oh yeah." Cedrella cut in, thinking deeply. "I remember them falling out during summer -"

"Ced!" Augusta interrupted.

" - the amount of owls Augs sent her because -"

"Don't you dare . . ."

"Because Euphemia became prefect instead of Augs." Oliver finished, clicking his fingers in realisation. "I remember now."

"I work harder that she does," Augusta grumbled, crossing her arms across her chest.

"But she's more of a people's person," Phoenix added in again.

"But just because she can talk to boys without blushing doesn't mean — oh, shut up, you two —" Augusta grumbled at Oliver and Fleamont, who were howling with laughter.

Ophelia couldn't believe her eyes once she caught her first glimpse of Hogwarts. It was truly much bigger than Beauxbatons, due to the fact it was a huge castle while Beauxbatons was only the size of a mansion.

Oliver caught her looking at her new home and gave her a nudge. "Wait 'till you see inside."

The carriages came to a halt outside a huge iron gate, the seven students jumped out and walked up the road that led to Hogwarts' main doors.

Ophelia was beginning to shiver slightly, as she hadn't been prepared for the British weather. France was the perfect temperature all year round so you could wear trousers or a skirt and you wouldn't be too warm or too cold.

However, in the United Kingdom, it was a different ball game. Ophelia had only brought a cardigan along with her and she was already regretting it. She cursed as she remembered her school cloak was in her trunk — she had no idea where Mademoiselle or her trunk was. Cedrella had told her she would see them soon enough though.

Septimus noticed the shivering girl so undid the brass buttons on his cloak and wrapped the warm material over Ophelia's shoulders.

"Are you sure?" Ophelia asked Septimus, glancing at him.

The red-headed boy nodded. "I'm used to the weather."

Ophelia shot him a dazzling smile which made Septimus' ears turn the same shade as his vibrant red-hair.

Cedrella came bouncing up next to Ophelia, a big smile on her face. Though considered quiet petite at five foot, she had a big personality and wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

"Elia. I hope you're in Gryffindor. 'Course, we won't be in the same year as you're a year younger than me. But it would be cool to have a friend who's actually a girl in Gryffindor! Flea and Sept just want to play wizard's chess all day long. Sometimes Flea plays a prank on the teachers which is cool but most of the time he's a boring little brat." She cast a glare at Fleamont who gave her a cheeky grin.

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