The Island of the Dolls facts

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1. It is a man-made island, known as a 'chinampa'!

2. It is also known as 'Isla de las Muñecas'!

3. It is decorated with over 1500 dolls!

4. It is said that in the 1950s a girl drowned in the canal next to the island. A doll was hung on a tree in the island to appease her spirit!

5. Julián Barrera was the lone resident of the island until death.

6. He collected dolls for the island so that the drowned girl can play with them and stop haunting him.

7. The original dolls of the island were found in the canal!

8. Barrera drowned in the same spot as the girl!

9. Tourists hang their own dolls on the island!

10. Barrera inhabited the island for 50 years!

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