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 I heard You’re a Player, So Let’s Play a Game.

CHAPTER ONE- I wanna  play the Game.

Adrianna’s POV

 I walked out of the stadium as fast as I could. I heard a door opening and someone running out.

 Adrianna ! C’mon, don’t be mad. It was a joke, Adrianna !"

    I  couldn’t take it anymore, I stopped and clenched my fist. I could hear him catching up to me in the empty student parking lot. His sneakers making thudding noises against that ground. I turned around and threw a punch as hard as I could.

Chase yelled in pain and fell to the ground.

    “Ade, What the hell?! What was that for ?”

Tears prickled my eyes and threatened to fall, I wiped them away before they could. I couldn’t let this arrogant, self-obsessed jerk see me cry.

   “I hate you, Chase Payne.”

He tried to grab by arm.

   “DON’T TOUCH ME. You are the most pathetic and disgusting person I have ever met. Don’t ever speak to me and don’t try to get me to speak to you because believe me, it will never happen. I loathe you.”

  And with that I walked away and got into my car and drove as fast as I could out of the school parking lot. I saw him  in my rearview mirror watching my car drive out of the student parking lot. I stopped my car at a street far enough from the school and cried. I hated crying it made me feel like a failure, and in a way I was.

 Laughing faces kept showing up in my mind, school was going to be hell after this.

 At that moment I knew what to do. I would make him regret doing this, regret playing with any girls heart. I’ll beat him at his own game.

   I smiled to myself, punching him felt good. Ahaa, why am I talking to myself ?  He’s got me acting all psycho.

 I started the car and started driving home.

 You’re A player, Chase so, Lets Play a Game. Whoever falls in love first, Loses.

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