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~ Selena ~

I touched him. It was actually him and I started panicking and everything went black.

He had tears in his eyes and he came here for me?

I felt my eyes open.

"No! What's wrong"

"Hold on"

"Her eyes they are opening"

I blink and see Grayson and Justin.

"Why are you here?" I asked

"I'm here for you" He said

"No your not!"

"Yes I am"

"No your probably not even here. I could be dreaming waking up right now any second usually happens like this"


"Your not really here I'm dreaming and I'm going to wake up now"

"No this is real"

"I'm here for you."

"Are you. I saw you with her. You kissed her or each other"

"No no Oh no we didn't she kissed me. I pushed her off. Is that what you weren't there at school. She came on me and I pushed her off."

I look at Grayson

"It's he telling the truth"

"I don't think he'd lie to you ever he loves you alot more than himself that's for sure." He laughs

Justin laughs then looks at me.

"Please i promise I swear I would never do that"

He looks down.

(Grayson left the room)

I crawl towards him.

He looks up a little at me.

I smile and kiss him cheek.

"If I ever see that happen again. I'll punch her in the face and ruin that pretty face of hers and you too.

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