Chapter 2

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Daveed's P.O.V.
I sat in my dressing room not ready to start dressing. I heard my phone ding I looked at the message.
Nicole: sorry about earlier. Am going to be at the show tonight so I'll see you tonight

I didn't respond I just placed my phone on the table. I didn't feel like arguing right now. That's all I ever did Nicole. Argue over small things. Like eating the last cookie or leaving my jacket on the bed. It gets really annoying. I heard knock at the door.
"Come in" Oak and Anthony walked in.
"Hey man." I said to them.
"What's up?" Oak said sitting on the couch. I showed him my phone and rubbed my hands over my face.
"Still arguing?" Anthony said stealing the cookies off of my table.
"I give up. I am done arguing." I said throwing my hands in the air.
"That's bull." Oak said.
"So you just going to break up with her." Oak ask.
"I don't know." I said.
"You should." Anthony said stuffing his face.
"Why?" I said.
"So you could finally date Ivy." He said. At first I don't comment. I didn't know what to say. I did like Ivy. More than a friend. But I don't think she sees me the same way.
"I don't know." I finally say.
"Why not I mean you can tell you like her-" he is interrupted by a knock on the door. I open the door and find Pippa on the other side.
"We need you now!" She said pulling me by my hand. Oak and Anthony follow us down the busy hallway. I am pushed into Ivy's and Jasmine's dressing room.
"Fix her." Pippa said pointing to Ivy. She is sitting on the couch hugging her knees.
"Ivy you ok?" I ask her sitting on the couch. She doesn't respond.
"You nervous?" I ask. She looks up at me.
"Very. What if I trip what if I hit the wrong note." She said.
" you do this every night. Why are you nervous now?"
"Because its just me. All alone."
"No your not! You don't have a single song by yourself. Come on this is what you have been practicing for. " she smiles and looks pass me.
"Are those chocolate chip cookies?" She ask Anthony getting up and taking some of the cookies. I laugh at her. I got up.
"You are going to do great." I whispered to her and left.

Ivy's P.O.V
I was finally ready and was trying shaking to shake out any last minute jitters. I heard a knock at the door.
"Come in." My face lit up when Daveed walked in.
"Hey!" I said.
"Hey. I came to give you these." He said handing a jar. I opened it and looked inside. It was the cookies from earlier.
"Thank you." I said smiling.
"Daveed!" I hear someone scream. He takes a deep breath. Then Nicole showed up at my door.
"Oh Daveed I was looking for you." She said hugging him.
"Yes because why else would you be backstage." He said trying to take her off of him. I sat back at my table hoping they would leave.
"Nicole remember Ivy?" He said directing his attention to me.
"Yh I do." She said looking at me.
"Come on Daveed." She said pulling him to the door.
"I'll talk to you later OK." He said before leaving.

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