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Bebe invited me to a surprise birthday party for Gerald. He was my gigantic huge crush. I've liked him ever since third grade when we met. He fucks other girls though, cause ya know, I'm uglier than them.

Anyways, I got ready for the party and texted Bebe that I was on my way. I quickly drove to his place and saw everyone was already hiding. So I decided to hide behind the door, cause I'm a dumb ass and I'll get hit hard.

Gerald and Bebe finally came and I wasn't hit with the door somehow. G was acting....different though. He acted like he wanted to shoot someone or something like that. He walked outside, got a girl then he went to the bathroom, and yes I am a stalker.

For some weird reason, he hasn't said a word to me at all. Something is wrong with him, I could definitely tell. He isn't acting like the normal horny slutty sweet funny Gerald he usually is. G walked out the front door and didn't come back in.

I walked downstairs and saw him standing there silent and looking down at the ground." G-Gerald? Y-you good?" Don't judge me, I cant speak to him for the world. He nodded but didn't say a word.

"A-are you having fun?" He shrugged, I bit my lip, God damn it he's making this even more awkward than it already is." What's....what's wrong?" He shrugged again, alright I'm pulling my shyness out of me and bringing the bitch to me. I grabbed his chin carefully and made him look at me, damn it I blushed when we made eyes contact." Gerald what's wrong? Tell me."

G shook his head," Nothing is wrong y/n/n I'm perfectly fine." "No no no don't be pulling that shit on me! We both know you are NOT ok." "Y/n fuck off." He said sternly." No not until you tell me what the hell is going on!"

"Nothing is going on just chill for a moment! Why do you even care about me anyways?!" "Because we've known each other since third fucking grade and I'm practically in love with you!" I smacked my hands to my mouth." W-what?" He asked." N-n-nothing!" "Y/n, you LOVE me?"

"Yes ok shut up!" I said looking away from him. He grabbed my chin carefully making me look at him," I love you too." I blushed," Really?" G nodded," Of course, you're the most beautiful girl I had ever seen."

I blushed ONCE AGAIN. Damn it Gerald! After that, we kissed, it was a living passionate kiss. I blushed even more, wow, my first kiss turned out to be my favorite one! Well obviously.

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