A/N: I'm so done with humanity, could I just like ya know lock myself in my room forever? Wait that's what I've been doing all summer and it still hasn't worked. Anyway, enjoy reading, this is going to just be a fluff chapter really, no drama.

P.S: I have a good plot, trust me, a big storm is gonna come your way.

Tonight was the night Dan and you were having your sleepover, you were a bit nervous but you're just happy you two were friends again.

"Hey Dan! Open up!" You knocked on the door.

"Hey Y/N! Come on in." Dan said as he opened the door.

"Hey, so what movies do we have planned for tonight?" You asked him.

"Well I was thinking we watch the Shining and then move on to the Hunger Games." He said as you walked in.

"That sounds good, hey, where are Pj and Phil?" You asked Dan.

"They're in their rooms, Phil's making a video and Pj's editing one." He told you.

"Oh, okay cool, you should go get in your PJ's, I've got mine on." You said as you gestured to your fuzzy pajama pants and your blue tank top.

"Okay, could you get the shining on?" He asked you.

"Yeah sure." He walked into his bedroom. You got the movie on and sat down on the couch. Dan came out of his room with his T-shirt on and his star wars pajama pants.

"Hey, are you ready?" He asked as he sat down.

"For what?" You questioned.

"For a night of epicness." He said while grinning.

"Yeah!" You said enthusiastically.

"You want alcohol don't you?" he asked smiling.

"Yes please." Dan got up and brought a nice big bottle of wine and two wine glasses.

"Oh, fancy! Where did you get this?" You asked him.

"Some little wine shop down the street, Paris has quite good wine." He poured 2 glasses and gave one to you.

"That's good!" You exclaimed after taking a sip. You watched the Shinning and finished off the bottle of wine during it. Then you put on the Hunger Games and couldn't help but snuggle up to Dan during the romantic scenes. After your third movie you were both getting tired.

"Y/N do you want to sleep on the couch I mean I could sleep on the couch and you could have my bed?" Dan offered, he was being so sweet.

"I can sleep on the couch Dan, that's fine." You told him, you would go back to your room but you were to lazy and tired to get up and walk down the hall.

"Okay, I'll go get you some more blankets and a pillow." He told you.

"Okay-I'll be right here." You yawned. Dan walked off and came back a few minutes later with two blankets and a pillow.

"Thanks Dan." You smiled as you took the stuff and curled up on the couch.

"You're welcome, I'll be in my room if you need me okay?" He said.

"Yeah, okay." You closed your eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.


The gun went off, you looked down at Dan, he was laying in your lap, lifeless. You started sobbing.

"No, please, please don't be dead, I-I love you so much." You cried out as you started rocking him back and forth. He was dead, gone, out of your life and everyone else's.

"Please." You whispered, brushing his bloody hair out of his face and looking into his beautiful chocolate eyes. He wasn't there anymore, the sweet posh, nerdy British boy that you fell in love with would never take another breath or see another sunset, he was too pure to be gone.

Dan would never hold you again, you would never feel the warmth of his arms again, or the touch of his lips. All you had left of him was his videos, he was immortalized there forever, there you could watch him smile again, laugh again, you could pretend he was smiling because of you. But it wouldn't be the same, no, you stood up and glanced around the apartment where not moments ago was filled with yours and his laughter. You would never get to tell him how much joy he brought to your life.

You woke up crying, you had just watched Dan die, right before your own eyes. That scared you, what if it came true? You had a bad feeling about this dream, what if Dan really was going to be killed?

You decided that you couldn't sleep alone, not after that. You got up and tip toed into Dan's room, you slipped into his bed, you didn't want him to notice you. Then his arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you close to him.

"Bad dream?" He mumbled.

"Yeah." You said getting closer to him.

"What about?" He asked in a sleepy voice.

"You-you died." You choked out.

"How?" he asked, he seemed unphased by this but you were really worried.

"You got shot...in the head." You told him.

"Well I promise you I'm just fine." He mumbled, you could tell he was going back to sleep so you snuggled up to him and let him protect you. Dan didn't let go of you all night.

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