7: old scars

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She looked up and kept on crying.

I sat across from her so I can face her.

"What happened over there?"

She stayed quiet. I put my hand on her chin and made her face me...

*back to reality*

Chris's POV
"Jazmin answer my question."

"It's E-Erick..."

"What about him."

She stayed quiet for a bit.

"H-He's like the others..."

"What about the others?"


"No Jazmin, you're wrong, Erick isn't like that. Trust me."

"Whatever...I'm not getting hurt anymore."

"Anymore? What do you mean 'anymore'?"

"Oops I said too much."

"Jazmin tell me."

"Okay okay. I didn't tell you but, I had a boyfriend..."

"When was this?"

"L-Last year..." she said quietly.

"LAST YEAR? And you didn't tell me!???"

"N-No. I didn't want you to tell mom or dad... but what's the point? They're not here anymore." Her voice cracked. And she was crying.

Our parents died about half a year ago in an accident...but they're in a better place now.

"Jazmin you can trust me with anything."

"Now you tell me?"

"Yeah Jazmin I know it's too late but I mean, you're barely 15 and I'm just 16 so... we still have a long time to live"

"Yeah I guess."

I saw Erick come over. When Jazmin saw him she said, "I-I have to go change..." and she left.

"What did she say?" He asked.

"She told me she used to have a boyfriend... and I guess he ended up being a fuckboy and she doesn't want to get hurt anymore."

"She dated before?"

"Yeah I guess I just found out too."

"Well what do we do?"

"I guess this is gonna go slow and slowly show her you're not like 'the others'"

"Okay. Thanks for helping bro, I owe you."

"Let's go look for Jazmin."

And we walked back to the pool.

Jazmin's POV
I didn't want to be around Erick. Plus, had to change anyway.

I went back to the room where I changed into my swimsuit. My wrists were burning because of the chlorine. I used to cut when my parents died. I stopped but the scars still hurt...

I had packed an extra change of clothes so I changed into that.

I had packed an extra change of clothes so I changed into that

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I always wear long sleeves or jackets to hide the scars.

After I was done changing, I went to go look for Christopher and ... you know.

I finally found them and walk up to them not making eye contact.

"You ready?" Chris asked.


"Okay lets go." He put and arm around me.

"You okay there?" Chris looked down on me.

I looked up and said "Yeah."

We walked to Erick's car. We went inside a Erick started driving.

I looked for my earphones but I guess I forgot to pack them. Shit.

"Where do you guys wanna go?" Erick asked.

"I don't know, Jazmin?" Chris said.

"I'm hungry." I told them.

"Then where do you wanna eat?" Erick asked.

"I don't care."

"O-Okay." He said.

I'm so annoyed I didn't pack my earphones, but then sad because I'm starting to fall for a fuckboy.

Erick drove into the Parking lot of McDonald's. We walked in the McDonald's and ordered what we wanted. We finally got our food and sat down.

This time, Christopher decided to sit next to me. We were eating quietly until Chris broke the silence.

"What should we do tomorrow?"

"I don't know?" Erick said.

"We should go to the mall. And go to forever 21."

"Oh because they have the photo booth there right?" Erick said.

"Photo booth? I'm want to buy stuff for me."

"Oh. Well going to mall is cool. We should do that." He said.

"Sounds good to me." Chris said.

We finished our food and went home. I went upstairs in my room.

"Jazmin!" I heard Chris yell.

I got up from my room and opened the door yelling, "WHATTT!!!"

"Wanna have a sleep over in my room?"

"Sure I guess. I'll make popcorn for the both of us."

"There's 3 of us." He said.

"Three of us? Didn't Erick leave?"



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