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Simon: I'm sorry. Josh took my phone.

You: It's alright.

Simon: I told him not too say anything. Sorry.

You:Honestly, It's fine. But are you okay?

You: He seemed mad.

Simon: Well...Erm...Yes and no.

You: I'm not sure i understand.

Simon: Like I have no new bruises

Simon: but something else happened.

You: What happened?

Simon: He got a little...Touchy.

You: Did he....?

Simon: It hurt.

You: He is so fucking lucky I don't want to go to jail.

Simon: Don't hurt him. He's still my friend.

You: I won't but no friend should do that.

Simon: It's fine Lach.

You: Alright.. Hang out?

Simon: I'm going out with the sdmn.

You: Is josh going to be there?

Simon: Yes. Others are going to be there also.

You: Stay safe x

Simon: Don't worry. Helmet boy will protect me.

You: Icky Vikky can't do shit.

Simon: I'm telling him you said that!

You: Go ahead. Try me.

Simon: Will do.

You: What ever shorty.

Simon: I'm a few inches shorter.

You: Still short.

Simon: Whatever. I gotta go. Byeee

You: Bye Blondie.



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