Chapter One

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(Never thought I'd be doing a TimxReaderxAlex XD! Enjoy fellow readers ^-^)

The road and surrounding trees within a couple yards of the old truck was the only thing anything could really seen.

(Y/n), calm and in deep thought, drove at the average MPH for the empty highway she was currently on. Not long had her shift ended at the gas station she was currently working for at night shift as a clerk a gas station about forty-five minute drive from her apartment. Ya, it wasn't the greatest job, but it still had good pay than other job offers she was offered, and that was an OK in her book.

(Y/n) groaned as she heard the familiar clicking under the car as it was loud enough to be heard. The clicking has been going on for a while and she still couldn't find out what it was. As she thought that could possibly be just nothing important, the "CHECK ENGINE" light starts flickering with the small, distant tick.

"Well, shit," the twenty-two-year-old sighed as she started to drive faster into the night. FYI, isn't the best idea to be doing in the middle of night.

Something didn't feel right. Her sense of bad luck was eagerly growing into madness. She felt shaky. This. Wasn't. Right. She never shook, unless she was falling into her depths of insanity once again.

Her mind went blank and instantly slammed her foot on the gas pedal. Ignorant of what was going on, she didn't feel herself. She couldn't think. Couldn't move. Couldn't do anything. She was being controlled.

Not wanting this or accepting this, she fought the feeling, yet, to no avail, she was stuck as her hands shot from the steering wheel and felt there she heard the all-to-familiar sound of static piercing her hearing and mind as she felt herself limplessly fall. And there she was half-awake, and half-passed out.

Her eyes widened, only to close as her car made contact into huge tall oak tree.

And there was silence.

Dead silence.

The kind people would do anything to dismiss it. Murder was one thing anyone will be willing to do to get rid of this. She hurt to hear this silence.

The fizzing of static came and impacted to her sense of hearing and mind. It was too much to handle. She couldn't move still and was devoured by the ear-piercing noise.

(This was something I was bored to do, chapter two will come ^-^) (Sorry for short chapter!)

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