Chapter Two- Parkour

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I had woken up early as I checked the time it was 5am, 3 hours until i started the new school. I had time to go on a jog and exercise as I pulled on my sweat pants and a hoodie I jumped out of the window.

Climbing up the roof I ran and jumped onto the next roof then as I rolled I grabbed a pole swinging myself to the next building. This was my ecstasy.

This is how I exercised, not the boring jog on a pavement. I was a professional at doing parkour, I had to be I mean when you have a list of people to kill you have to run sometimes. I laughed as I landed on the last building and slid myself down to the ground jumping over every single step and climbing things. I guess you could call it free running too, as I did a back flip laughing at the feeling it gave me.

This was a part of me.

As I checked the time realising two hours had gone past I wiped my forehead from the sweat and jogged and climbed back up the buildings until I reached my window and slid back inside I grabbed a towel and headed to the shower.

7:20am, school started at 8am as I got dressed in a girly black skirt and a cute shirt too match it, that was me. I mean find yourself a girl that could do both right? As I brushed my long brown hair staring at my reflection I applied mascara and a touch of lip gloss as I kissed my lips.

Meet Cara, this Cara, remember the one I talked about first who was the perfect A star student gaining 100% on everything she did. This was her, the person I pretended to be.

I had to be for the person who was on my list. A new school, a new day I smirked as I stared at the picture of the guy I had to kill.

Bad boys always fall for the good girls don't they say?

Or was it supposed to be the other way round. Aah well I'll make it this way

I'd be the new good girl, with a bit of spice of course.

I stared at the photo analysing every detail a typical pretty boy with dark hair, a nice jawline, kissable lips and so on. I wasn't interested in any of that as a matter of fact I wasn't interested in the word love itself rolling my eyes at how stupid the word even sounded.

I shoved the picture inside my desk grabbing my keys, I put my heels on as I walked out of my house. I couldn't ride my motarbike I didn't want to make that impression so I pulled out my Mercedes benz and hopped in driving too my next mission.

I smiled, this is going to be so fun as I cocked my gun laughing.

Cara is a proffessional parkourer and free runner as she exerxises in the morning. Cara is starting a new school for the mere reason someone who goes to school there is on her list and she's on the mission to kill him. But why? What is this list? Who really is Cara?

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