Double The Surprise

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The day was finally here, we were going to find out whether we were having a boy or a girl. I only had two months left of my pregnancy. One of the perks of being a werewolf was I wouldn’t have to endure a full nine months of aches, pains, and mood swings. On the flip side, I would have the responsibility of a newborn sooner, and though I was still scared, I was just as excited. I could barely keep still on the reclined seat Dr. Steven’s set me up in.

Trevor was beside me on a chair and we were in a medium sized room with a machine next to me and a big screen above us so that we would be able to see the images as the doctor scanned my belly. I was asked not to pee prior to my visit, because it made it easier to see the baby with a full bladder. I was about to burst, which also contributed to my fidgeting, but I could handle it if it meant seeing our baby for the first time.

Dr. Stevens pulled down my maternity shorts, and tucked a paper napkin in the waist band, she said it would prevent the ultrasound gel from getting on my clothes. Then she squeezed the gel on my belly before positioning the scanner just below my belly button and started moving it around my stomach. Trevor and I watched the screen intently and I knew he was wondering what the heck we were looking at, until the doctor moved a little to the left and angled the scanner and we were able to see a hand. She moved it again and we saw another hand, once more and there was a third hand. Wait, there shouldn’t be three hands.

“Oh no, is my baby deformed doctor?” I asked worried. It wouldn’t matter to me as long as my baby would be healthy. Trevor squeezed my hand supportively and looked at the doctor with the same question in his eyes.

“Hold on a moment, let me just check a few more angles before I can give you an answer.” Dr. Stevens said as she continued to move the scanner around my stomach.

I sat there nervously waiting, Trevor a solid rock beside me. Silently letting me know whatever happened we would handle it together. I already loved this baby so much and I hoped that whatever the case, he or she wasn’t at risk health wise.

Finally after what seemed like hours but was only a minute or two, Dr. Steven’s finally spoke, “Just as I thought, that’s why there was a funny heart beat. Trevor and Harmony, you did see three hands, and if you look here you’ll see there is a fourth one.” she used the cursor to circle the mentioned area.

“Our baby has FOUR hands!” Trevor asked worriedly.

Dr. Stevens smiled. Did she find this amusing? I could feel my hormones fire up and my mama bear instincts kick in. If she thought this was funny I was going to permanently remove that smile from her face. Nobody laughs at my baby. As I started to get up, I felt Trevors grip on my hand tighten, asking me not to do anything rash before she was able to explain. Then she said, “I’m sorry, I keep forgetting you’re first time parents, what with already having Cody, let me explain. The reason you’re seeing four hands is because you are having twins.” She then used the cursor to show us the four sets of hands, arms, feet, and legs that seemed to be entwined with one another. It looked as if our babies were holding on to each other. I was in awe of the picture before me, Trevor’s expression mirrored mine. Then, reality sunk it, and the doctors words penetrated my blissful thoughts.

She just said twins.

As in two babies.

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