|•Chapter 1•|❁

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"Are you sure you've got everything?" I looked up at the women who have been my caseworker these past months. I give her half a smile and pat my pathetic excuse of a bag.

Tia smiles at me and I see a look of sadness wavering in her eyes. She pulls me forward into a warm embrace.

"Remember, I'm only one call away," she whisperers into my hair. She pulls back and a wave of Chanel perfume lingers into the air.

I feel tears sting my eyes as I stared at the beautiful brunette lady I had learned to care for so much after the accident.

It had been 3 months since my parents had died in that awful car crash. I had no one there for me. Well except Tia of course. Other than that I had no siblings. No living relatives. No friends. The friends part had more to deal with the fact that I have Been homeschooled my entire life. At first, I had been put in a home, a group home, for girls like me; broken. That was until they found out I had a godmother who lived all the way in California. A couple of weeks ago, she signed the adoption papers and now I'm off to live with her.

You better hurry up, doll. You might miss your plane," Tia says. She gives me a playful shove and I walk towards the entrance to the airport, tickets in my hand. I took three steps before turning to her. She waves her hand as if to say 'go'. I nodded my head at her and turn towards my future. I'm leaving my home and memories here in dirty old Ohio and I'm starting fresh in the city of dreams. I take a deep breath and enter the building that was beckoning me.


I stepped off the plane and squint into the bright sun. The first thing I notice is that is humid compared to Columbus. I slide off my cardigan and walk into the airport searching for my ratty beat up suitcase. When I found it and grabbed it, I followed Tia's direction; search for my name.

I turned and my hazel eyes search the airport before landing on a white sign. I automatically recognized my name in big, black, bold letters. 'CARSON'. I walked swiftly over to the intimidating man. His eyes bore into mine as he slowly lowers the sign.

"Lily, I presume," he said, his deep voice shakes me.

"That's my name don't wear it out," I say, attempting to break the awkward silence. He stares at me, almost making me wet my pants, before cracking a smile.

"You're not bad, kid," he ruffles my hair before extending his hands, "Name's Todd. I'm your godfather," I looked at him obviously confused.

"You don't remember me? We met when you were first born." He asked in a mining surprise before winking. I slowly shake my head no.

"I was told I had a godmother, but not a godfather as well, I said as he sighs.

"That's Mel for you," he mumbles something else, but I shrugged it off.

"She likes to be, well it's hard to explain," he looks over at me and I nodded acting as if I understand what he was talking about. He leads me out of the airport and into the parking lot. Todd grabs my bags and pull his keys out and unlocked his car. I looked in the direction the 'beep-beep' came from and my mouth dropped open. A silver Porsche sits in front of my eyes.

"Oh my god. She's beautiful," I ran my hands over The smooth hood. Todd walks over chuckling.

"Mama and Papa could never afford something as this, but they always promised to get me one," I said as Todd awkwardly pat me on the back.

"I'm sorry, Carson," he said. I shake my head and looked at him finally taking him in. He looked in his mid 30's. He still had a full head of brunette hair and his brown eyes were crinkled accompanying his beautiful smile. You could barely tell he was old, but his few wrinkles told his secrets. I walked toward the passenger seat and open the door before settling into the car. I put my seatbelt on and waited patiently. A couple of minutes later Todd walks back around and steps into the car.

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