Island adventures

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Immediately I step foot on crystal island, named after my mom I knew my life would never remain the same.

Firstly, it was the most beautiful place ever I just got of the boat and I am already so dazzled by this island. It feels magical.

I decided to get settled in, so I told the boat dude( I don't know what to call him) to help me take my stuff to the cabin .my dad had already paid him so he just dropped my stuff and left .

The cabin was fairly big with 7 room each with an en-suite bathroom , two living rooms one upstairs and the other downstairs and a huge kitchen, my mom loved to cook according to my dad so her kitchen had to be big. I inherited her cooking skills . 

I took the masters bedroom because it was the biggest and prettiest. So I unpacked my stuff and by the time I was done I was tired and hungry so I went to the kitchen and made a fruit salad since I wanted to loss weight the summer, I was going to eat food that was not fattening.  I eat my salad , took a shower ,had a video call with my dad and went to sleep.

when I woke up in the morning, I was thankful that I closed the curtains, or the sun would have been in my face and I absolutely hate waking up with the sun in my face. I brushed my teeth and got dressed in my sports gear.

Did I mention that this place has a gym , well it does and it is huge. I worked out for about 4 hours so when I got back in the house, I was a mess. I took a long hot bath to suit my aching muscles and then I had low fat yogurt and wheat pancakes for breakfast .

Since the time was around 12 noon, I decided to take a look around the island, so I packed about four plates of fruit salad in case I get lost and I don't come home today . I took the back door out and I started looking around I had my camera with me so I took a lot of pictures.

After about an hour of walk and taking pictures, I found a strange looking hut I looked old but strong, so I decided to see what was in it.

When I entered, I saw the strangest thing. The hut looked small on the outside, but when I got in, it was like I was in a palace, their was a huge waiting room that lead to two grand staircases. 

Since I was a idiot, and I absolutely loved to put my life in danger, I didn't do what every other sane person would do, (which is leave) ,I  decided to look upstairs, and well I got what was coming.

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