The 104th trainee squad

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      {Levis perspective}
"Squilsh" Levi looks down, "Eh....what the" his boots, his newly shined fucking boots were now submerged in horse shit. "Tch" he remarks "Damn brat can't do his fucking job properly. EREN!" He calls. Looking up only to be greeted by his horse. He looks around spotting Eren. He's with the new members of the scouting legion. He looks happy for a moment, but out of what seems to to be thin air, a girl appears. She instantly grabs Levi's attention. Her dark Raven hair framing her determined and seemingly pissed off eyes seemed to stand out of the group. "She looks fucking angry dumb brat" he thinks. She rush up to Eren grabs him and almost yells,
    "Eh? Shorty. What the hell." He mumbles noticing the blonde boy behind her, he looked terrified, she continued to pry Eren for answers but to Levi's amusement all he replies with is,
    "Shorty? You aren't talking about Lance Corporal Levi are you?" She looked like she was about to say something else but was interrupted by the rest of the trainees walking towards them. Levi decided he'd heard enough. He began to walk away, to his annoyance all he could think about was how protective and angry the raven haired girl seemed to be. It reminded him of someone but he couldn't point a finger on who. He heard them begin to talk and walked off. "Watching things unfold should be interesting but not right now." He thought and left the courtyard.

{Hey guys! So that was a short chapter. Anyway I hope to make this interesting and the chapters longer. I think I'll divide them by perspective but I dunno. So anyway there will be smut further on and cussing death etc. So if your sensitive to that stuff I suggest don't read this! I'll post as often as I can, and for further notice sorry about any mistakes of spelling, grammar, punctuation etc! If you'd like to see something special in this series just comment and I'll do my best to implement it. Anyway have a great day guys!!!}

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