Chapter Thirty Six

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I walk out of study hall with my eyes glued to my phone, and because I'm so absorbed into the latest Twitter fight, I run right into the wall. My phone slips through my fingers and lands on the floor, but I'm too busy rubbing my now bruised forehead to care. Thankfully my phone is void of any damage and I slide it into my back pocket after checking to see how red my forehead is.

"Do you want me to pretend I didn't see that?" Alyse asks, walking up to me.

I scrunch my face up at her, "That would be nice, yeah."

"Okay, I officially saw nothing." She chuckles, winking at me.

We walk down the cluttered hallway, and I have to dodge a group of band kids sprinting to after school rehearsal.

"Alyse, can I ask you something?" I ask as we walk.

"No." She says, smirking at my reaction. "Of course you can. It's in the list of best friend rules."

"I need to see this list."

"It's confidential."

I sigh at her. "You know that makes no sense, right?"

She ignores me, "So what did you need to ask me?"

I look down and fiddle with the straps on my backpack. "Would you consider jealousy a good thing in a relationship?"

She looks over at me and scrunches her brow. "I would say so. It shows that people care."

I nod thoughtfully as she continues.

"But there's a fine line between jealousy and possessiveness." She says, looking at me with a hint of concern. "Is everything okay between you and West?"

I instantly look up at her and nod. "Of course. I just...I've noticed him getting weird when Tyler's around." I admit.

She frowns, "Weird how?"

I sigh, "Jealous weird. He gets kind of quiet and turns into the brooding, scowling figure he is when I'm not around. But the past few days his jealousy has morphed into something different."

"Well it makes sense for him to be wary of Tyler since he admitted he liked you." Alyse reasons. "But jealousy isn't bad, Raine. Possessiveness is, but I haven't seen West become possessive."

I sigh and nod, "I know that. But is jealousy a good thing when he's trying to make Tyler jealous?"

Alyse recoils slightly in shock and stops walking. "Well that's different from him simply being a little jealous. How has he been making Tyler jealous?"

People grumble and mutter curse words at us for stopping in the middle of the hallway, and we scramble over to a row of lockers to be away from the hustle and bustle of high school.

I sigh and try to figure out how to explain it. "Like the other day at the lunch table. As soon as Tyler walked up, West glanced at him, smirked as if he had some bright idea, and then kissed me rather heatedly which he never does at school. And instead of keeping his eyes on me when we pulled apart, as he does when we're alone, he smirked over at Tyler and went back to eating his food."

Alyse purses her lips as she thinks through my example. "He's done the same thing different times too?"

I nod dejectedly. "I wouldn't mind if he was simply being a little jealous, I get that. But he's deliberately making Tyler jealous because he knows that he liked me and that he kissed me."

"Have you talked to him about it?" She asks.

I sigh deeply and shake my head.

She frowns and places a sympathetic hand on my shoulder. "I think that's definitely a conversation worth having."

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