Keep the Love

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A/n: This is all my stories at nakapublish na siya punta ka na lang po sa profile ko. This is all the prologue of each story

"Just Write Your Heartbeats"

Everybody knows about the word 'Love'. They've experienced how to love and to loved by. Love conquers all but I think its not. How could people sacrifices anything they have for love even though they will hurt themselves.

Because for me, Love is just a word that everyone knows but its not an emotion that everyone's have towards you. Not all the people you love, can love you back.

I'm not a bitter one 'coz there are people can easily hurt you in different ways. They will make you feel that they love you but its all a big lie. An "I love you" for me is just a word you'll say towards that person to stick in their minds that you could love them in a special way. You think that he loves you but the fact is he was playing around with you.

Love is just a gamble game. If you'll lose then you'll get hurt but if you'll win, don't be contented that you can escape to get hurt 'coz love is just a pain.

'' Please! Just Please don't leave me'' I'm begging him not to leave me. I kneeled down and hug his thighs but he keeps pushing me away.

"No Zeshian, I can't take to be with you anymore" No, he said he can live without me so why he was saying those.

"B-but why? You said you love me right?" I was sobing while saying those words. I can imagine my life without him.

"Because I don't love you anymore Zhesian so put your hands off from me" he said while removing my hands but I'm not giving up pleasing him.

"No, Dhale you love me, you love me. You keep promising me that I'm the one for you. We almost planning our future with our children so please don't leave me"

"I'm tired Zhesian, I'm so tired loving you. Just let me go." No, I will not let you go. Its hurts me a lot

"Then I'll let you rest for awhile then comeback to me again. Love me again the way you love me before"

"Zhesian I'll tell you the truth. I hope you don't get mad at me" he sighed and help me to stand up. I hug him tightly but he flinched.

"What's truth are you saying Dhale" I looked to his eyes directly.

"I never love you Zhesian. I only playing around with you. Its just a game and I win" I feel like someone's pour me with very cold water.

And that's the day I feel so numb about the word Love. He's my first love then but also he's my first heartbreak. He make me feel special but the truth is, it was all an act. An act that gives me contentment that he was my future husband  with our future children. But also it was an act that destroys me a lot.

Pain? It was the word I'd live for, for the past three years. It is the only  thing I'd immune with. It made me realize that I will never give my trust to anyone. They always said, Trust is years to gain but seconds to break and that's a definitely true.  I don't think that people who surrounds me will not betray me and worst I don't know if they'll hurt me.

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