Chapter Seven

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For those who've read the original novella on Wattpad, you'll likely notice a really crucial difference in Chapters 6 and 7. This is probably the biggest difference between the original version and the published. Welcome to Day 7 in Dominion City, everyone! Hope you enjoy this Reveal of the first 10 chapters of True Born!


It never occurs to me to ask where Storm is taking us. Still, I reckon I'm not surprised when his van pulls into the underground parking garage under the immense cobalt skyscraper in downtown Dominion. Storm takes my sister again, and we all climb into a private elevator. Mohawk opens a small black keypad, punches some numbers into the identi-pad, then puts her thumb to the scanner. The doors close silently. As we zoom toward the 60th floor, I try to stop my knees from knocking together. Jared holds my upper arm like he's certain I'm going to fall down. I don't pull away.

My throat is raw as I croak, "Do you think they'll come after us?"

Storm cocks an eyebrow at Torch. For the first time I notice the small box he carries in his hands, like a miniature banker's box. He sends me a lopsided grin and shrugs.

"Recording devices and security are kind of my thing," he tells me with sheepish pride, picking up what looks like a mini disc.

"For crying out loud, Malcolm, don't burn it." Mohawk slaps his hand so the disc falls back into the box. "We need that." His fingers smoke and leave tarry blue afterburns on the disc.

"It's Torch." He glares at Mohawk, who flips him a dimpled smile.

"Whatever, Einstein."

As the elevator beeps I catch her glancing at me, undisguised curiosity stamped on her exotic features. Her sharp eyes linger on Jared's firm grip on my arm, his body closer than it needs to be. Jared ignores her. I decide to do the same, repressing the blush creeping its way onto my face.

We're alive. Right this minute, that's all I can handle.

It seems like days later, rather than hours, that Margot is finally settled and Storm calls me into his office. I haven't slept, and at the moment I wonder if I ever will again. Every few seconds terrible scenes flash behind my eyes, each more incredible than the last. I sleepwalk over to the couch and stumble to a sitting position to stare at walls a color our mother would describe as "buff." My face is numb, covered in grit. I rub at it, hoping to stir myself enough to get what I need. Answers.

"It will get easier," a gentle voice tells me. "You need some sleep." Cracking open my eyes I see a pair of ultra-expensive brown leather men's dress shoes poking out from under black tailored slacks. I crane my head up to see Storm peering down at me. Around his head floats a ball of energy, crackling lines of lightning that dart out from his brain. I blink. The faint luminescent glow fades. Storm frowns and sits across from me.

"You must have a lot of questions," he says.

"Do you know where my parents are? Have you called them?"

I don't like the way he studies me. "Do you want me to?"

"I don't think... Margot..." I bite my lip.

He nods like he understands. Maybe he does. "They're in Europe. An emergency business trip," he lies smoothly.

We both know the real story goes so much deeper. "This is the first time they've both gone away without telling us," I reply like a true politician's daughter. And hanging in the air between us is the unspoken question of a business partner, someone from Russia that we're supposed to be impressing. Look how impressive we're being now, I think with bitterness. If word of this gets out, it could put whatever plan our father is cooking up in jeopardy. And then he will kill us.

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