"I swear if you ever do anything like that again, I'll... I..." Harry paused, his hand fixed around my arm. He breathed out a strained sigh before continuing. "I don't know what I would do."

"If you didn't yell at me like that I wouldn't have run off." I quipped. "I really needed to see my mother, I still do. She had a heart attack, Harry. I have no idea how she's doing now."

"A heart attack?" His eyebrows drew together.

"Yes, I told you. But you were busy being all angry at me to hear." I glared straight ahead, cutting off eye contact with him. My anger at him for what he'd done was still there and it overrode my gratitude.

"I just couldn't believe you let that guy in. I told you I don't like strangers coming to my house." He said. "Is he your boyfriend?"

"Does it matter?" I snapped. How could he be bothered by that when there were more important things happening? "He was thoughtful enough to come all the way here to inform me about my mother, in spite of the risks."

"I'll take you to your mum." He said and covered me with a black jacket. I hadn't told him about how I was chased by a group of punks, including a girl who supposedly knew him. It would only heighten his distress over this whole episode. He was already so worked up over this and I knew that despite the things he had done to hurt me, he did care for me. I didn't want anything to distract him from taking me to my mother.

"She's in St. John's Hospital." I informed him.

"It's going to be a long drive. We're so far away." He told me as he reignited the car's engine. "You went in the opposite direction. Your sense of direction is so awful it's ridiculous." A smile crept out.

I merely smiled at his remark, too exhausted to return any kind of comeback. The rain had transitioned back to a drizzle as we drove. I leaned back against the leather car seat as a sense of safety rushed into me, my eyes slowly falling closed.

The car shook as it hitched over the damaged road. It was the last place a Mercedes should be. Harry seemed to realise that too, as an uneasy expression masked his face. I knew his love for cars didn't compare to anything else.

Moments later, we came to a halt and my eyes shot open. I figured that Harry couldn't handle letting his Mercedes go through this terrible experience any longer. He flung out of the car and bent down, the light rain evidently not a bother for him. I shook my drowsiness away as I sat up straight and lifted my head to see what Harry was doing.

"Tyre's busted." He called out to me. "A piece of metal is stuck in it."

Hopes were drained and I wheezed out a sigh. I was sure that I was cursed. Some point in my life, I must've been jinxed by someone who really hated me. Harry returned and slammed the car door shut, startling me. He seemed irritated too.

"Do you hate me?" He asked. That was unexpected. 


"Look, I was just pissed because I spent all morning in a place I absolutely can't stand to get you out of this mess and I come home to see you all loved up with some guy in my backyard." He jerked his knee up to hit the steering wheel. "And now this." He whispered to himself.

"You... what?"

"You heard me." He barked before cupping his face in hands. He groaned. "I'm sorry. I-"

"Did you really?" I couldn't believe my ears. 

He sighed. "You're out of this, Lia. You're... free."

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