♡ he thinks you cheated ; part three ♡

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eth ;

grayson walked the short distance to your parents house, not exactly sure what to say when he would arrive at the door. his knuckles knocked against the brown oak door and in the distance he could hear your voice shout that you were coming and to hold on.

you swung the door open to be meeted face to face with grayson. "oh. well hello." you said opening up the door and gesturing for him to come in. "i'm guessing you saw your message."

grayson took a seat on the sofa, and looked at you . his hazel eyes glossed over with concern for his older brother. "(y/n) please, i swear he didn't know."

you crossed your arms, shifting your weight unto one foot. your eyes turned into envious slits towards grayson. "so, what ethan can't come over here and tell me himself? why can't ethan talk to me?"

grayson's face fell, his voice dropping in a low whisper "he - he doesn't know that i came over to talk to you."

you kept a straight poker face, "than why are you talking to me?"

"(y/n) please he's home right now crying his eyes out because he thinks he f.ucked up so bad. i'm just asking you to come over and comfort him. get him to stop crying, spend the night with him. just please, (y/n) i can't stand seeing not only my brother but my best friend like this." grayson spoke his voice laced with desperateness and sadness.

you bit your lip, "grayson... i will stay over tonight, and forgive him but that does not mean everything is okay and i will forget."

grayson stood up, a slight smile on his face. he opened up the front door. "well c'mon! let's go!" grayson's raspy voice yelled as the two of you walked towards grayson's home and you went to go comfort ethan.

gray ;

you turned off your phone screen, setting your phone onto the table. rubbing your temples before growing silent and picking at the rest of your dairy queen meal. franklin noticed, "(y/n) what's really up? what's going on?"

jaden looked at you concerned too, "please talk to us, (y/n)." he pleaded.

you took your phone, putting in your password and opening the messages between you and ethan before passing the phone to franklin and jaden.

franklin looked up at you, concern showing evidently in his eyes. "(y/n) you need to go and talk to grayson. please (y/n)." franklin begged.

"i-" you began.

"please, please go." jaden begged.

you sighed, before grabbing your phone from franklin. "fine." you whispered before bidding your goodbye to the concerned couple and walking to grayson's house because he and ethan did not live too far from the dairy queen.

you knocked on the door, to be greeted by a pale face grayson. his eyes were bloodshot red. in a raspy voice, that cracked he had asked, "(y/n)? what are you doing here?"

you stayed silent, before wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him into a hug. he quickly wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you in closer to his warm embrace. "i love you." you both breathed out at the same time before holding each other even closer.


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