Just getting To know each other XD!

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Elena -smiled and nodded - yeah I do but I just draw and color -opens her stretch book and showed the bots my drawings- 

-sideswipe smiled with Sunstearker and looked other them with him-

Tfa Bulkhead: "They are great ! With more practice you'll be a great artists ! "-He smiles and nods and looks over them more -

Tfp Arcee:" why would you know what about an artist bulkhead?"-looks at him with a tilted helm-

Tfa Bulkhead: "Oh back in my world I'm a painter on earth hehehe."-blushes and rubs the back of his head -

-G1 Bumblebee looks over her room and looks on her desk comic books about them (the transformers) and toys of them -

G1 Bumblebee: "Ella you have toys of us and comic books here ?"-picks up his toy vision of himself and smiles -

-Elena blushes and looks over to the toys and nods sheepishly as the others look over to see the toys and then at Elena -

Elena:" yeah seen I was little I had toys of you guys . Also guys please don't touch the comic books they are in order and I'm still reading a few and they have to be handled gently ."

-The bots nod and smiles and starts to look around -

-Elena goes and moves the comics into her closet and closes it-

-The bots smiles and shakes helm and others are watching the tv for Transformers Animated -

-Elena smiles and watches them and walks out of the room for spaces and to breathe -

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