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It had been a little over a month after Draco was able to take his wife home. The loneliness that inhabited the manor couldn't be filled by anyone but his wife. She had lost over 50% of her blood and miraculously survived. Avril had indeed saved her mother by everything she did that day -thank goodness for her want to learn everything, that week long first aid marathon she watched at her grandparents when they were celebrating their 5th annyversary - and was even placed in a muggle newspaper.

"Wonder Child" is what every muggle called her. Draco had clipped and saved the newspaper for the future, they even framed it.

Avril Jean Malfoy, age 5 saves her pregnant mother who hemorraged during her 8th month. It was told by us from the child herself - who is amazing with words for being such a young girl - that she walked in during the early hours of the morning and found her mother on the floor covered in blood. She herself grabbed towels to help staunch the massive bleeding and then called 9-1-1 when she went unconscious. After she realized her mother wasn't breathing she began giving her cpr until medical authorities arrived. The little girl saved her mothers life and the life of her two siblings Scorpius and Livelex. -

Since that day Draco had decided to build a large library in the back yard and filled it with books as a symbol of how proud he was to have a daughter that could learn anything and everything. Also during one of the hospital visits Hermione had decided that age was just a number and it was all about responsibility when it came to things so she gave Draco the go ahead to let her start learning about the magical world both good and bad.

Draco was fixing dinner for the family, for the first time they would be together as a family in the house. Draco had booked for the weekend a painter to come along and do family portraits of Draco Hermione the twins and Avril. He was excited because this would be the first family portrait of him and his family in their house.

"Hey daddy" Avril said as she walked into the kitchen eating an apple.

Just like her father she loved apples and like her mother she loved books. Draco had taken the liberty of calling her Apples and Avril had in return nicknamed her father Drapple, which he found amusing.

"Yes Avril" Draco said as he added onions to the food in the pan.

"When do I get to get my own wand?" She replied

Smiling to himself he turned around and lifted Avril onto the counter so he didn't have to bend down.

"In 5 years you will be recieving a special letter to Hogwarts and we will take you to Diagon Alley where you will get to get your own."

Avril smiled as she threw her arms around her fathers neck and kissed him.

"I can't wait to go to Hogwarts" Avril froze before she smiled and jumped down from the counter and ran to the door just as it opened. "Mummy!" Avril squeeled as she saw her mother walking through the door, her parents behind her. "Grandma!, Grandpa!" she added kissing them.

Draco came in from the kitchen and wrapped his arms around his wife in a long passionate embrace. "You have no idea how much I missed you" He said kissing her on the lips before wrapping his arms around her. "So much has happened since we came home without you."

Hermione crossed her arms. "Which baby did you drop?"

Draco's eyes widened. "None? Wait, I didn't mean bad things. It has all been good." Wrapping his arm around his wifes waist he towed her to sitting room where he had hung of the news paper article about Avril saving her life. "See look!" Draco exclaimed.

Hermione read the news paper and smiled widely. Throwing her arms around Draco she smiled.

"So how did you reward her? Take her to get a new book, take her to the toy store?" Hermione asked him.

"Something like that?"

"Something like what?" Hermione asked.

"Something like getting her a new book"

Hermione stared at Draco before her eyes widened.

"You didn't did you?"

"I didn't what?"

"How many bags of books?"

Draco looked around the room before he answered. "None, I built her a library in the back yard and filled it with books" Draco said in a nervous voice.

"Draco..." she sighed.

"Hey, if it wasn't for her determination to read and learn everything you wouldn't be alive and neither would the babies"

Hermione's face faltered as she thought about that. After a minute or two she relaxed.

"I guess you are right. So where are my babies now?"

Draco was about to speak but then he heard their coo's coming from the other room.

"Sounds like they are with your mum." Bringing his arm around her waist Draco walked with her into the dining room where they sat together for the first time as a whole

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