Love Olympus (7)

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As everyone finished their meals all the teams went over to the living area where the interview for the yellow team would be broad casted.

"Are you going to get a drink?" Clark tapped my shoulder.

I nodded.

"Can you please get me a water?" He head over to the living area and stopped halfway to ask

"Sure," I shrugged and lazily walked over to the kitchen. I turned on the light and headed over to the fridge grabbing myself a can of pop and a water for Clark.

I turned off the light behind me and took my time walking back. I was humming an unfamiliar song when I stopped halfway at a corner.

Krystal was on top of Clark giggling along with him. The rest of the teammates were cooing up as if they were unaware of where they were.

Maybe they all just to have this time of sanity like me. Just don't care until each game comes. Then do the job and survive.

I don't blame them.

I watched Krystal and Clark with no pain, pity or self hurting pride. I didn't care really, and that definetly surprised me. I should, but maybe I'm too tired.

The last thing I want to do is force something between Clark and I. It would be way better for him to come to me since we were soul mates and all. It sounded weird in my mind saying that, but that's how I truly felt.

If it's a meant to happen type of thing let it happen. Thank god I'm realizing this. However, Krystal in general just pisses me off. Everything about the gal is so desperate, I don't want to punch her for Clark but for my own pleasure.

Just one hit one of these days.

Nodding to myself I sighed and looked over to the side. There were curtains, and they were hiding something.

I walked over to it slowly and uncovered the side to see some light shine on my hand. It was suppose to be dark outside; Well that's what the time indicated, midnight actually.

I frowned opening the whole side of the curtain and found a huge field with mind blowing green grass and yellow flowers. Ones I've never seen before.

I stared in pure wonder what this could be since I've never seen it before. Mystified I looked down to see the door already open. Someone already discovered it.

Looking out the glass just to make sure it was real, I found out pretty quickly it wasn't. Something eerie about the place made it too romantic and cheesy almost. I bet the love game people created it for some dramatic event.

I bet this is where Corin and Archer made there move and won the majority of the audiences watching at home. I snorted to myself and took a step outside. I was barefoot, but could care less.

It felt so nice placing my feet in the grass I sighed in pure happiness. Grinning to myself I closed the door quietly behind me and tip toed further into the field.

Looking behind me to see no one there, I turned back around and started running through the feild filled with yellow flowers. I started screaming at the top of my lungs and laughing. I felt like a child in a world that was my own.

Like I was virtually inside my mind almost. It felt amazing.

The field was so weird. It had a blue sky like the one I always used to stare at with fluttering thin clouds. There was also that summer breeze around July that gave you goosebumps from how good it felt.

I lifted my hands out and breathed in the fake air I so desperately wanted to be real. Opening my eyes I took a couple of steps forward to only step on something. A moan of pain came following behind.

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