Chapter 22: The Bear Hunt Part III

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Ok so fun fact, I have written some of the scenes of this story before the others. I know, very Tarantino of me. But I just have these vivid images of them and I have to get it all down before I forget.

Anyways, this chapter has been waiting A LONG time to be posted. It's seriously been burning the biggest hole in my pocket. I honestly am like that horrible kid that opens their presents early on Christmas, I could not wait anymore.


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So, because this chapter in my humble opinion is the perfect amount of feminism and violence that we need in our lives, the song is appropriately "Run The World" by the great Queen Bey.

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I was fury.

I was rage.

I was fire.

I was venom.

I was every tear that I ever spilled. I was every broken heart, broken nose, broken bone, and the fragments of my broken soul.

I was wrath.

I was ignited.

I was vengeance.

I was the power coursing through my veins. I was the potential that my future held. I was the hope that filled my heart every time a new sun arose in the sky, I was the roar pouring out of my wolf's mouth, and I was the love my new family constantly surrounded me in.

I was fur.

I was skin.

I was Charlotte.

My paws felt like they had wings as we tore at the grassy floor, flying towards the prey that my wolf was damn well set on finishing. Ending. Her life and blood were mine to have today.

I had never felt more alive, more electric, more savage, and more desire than I did in that moment. It courses through my veins like tendrils of lightning and powered my paws as I ran.

The smell of the bear's fur teased, tantalized, taunted, and tore at my senses like nothing I had ever felt before. It was like the blood pumping through its veins was humming its own tune, calling me, just me.

I answered the call.

I darted and drove my paws into the soft ground as I dared to challenge the female to a fight to the death. Nothing had ever felt so natural. Nothing had ever felt so right. All this time I had just wanted to be free. Free to make my own choices, to be myself, to walk without shame, and to live my damn life how I pleased. I wanted to be released from the chains of my past to start a new life. To start fresh. To be my own woman who was in control of her future.

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