Ron Weasley x Chloe Malfoy

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Poor Harry. I thought as I jumped on my broom. The Goblet just spat out Harry Potter's name, even though he is under 17. I don't think he put his name in there, but it seems that everybody else does. You wouldn't think I'm a Slytherin, wouldn't you? Being nice and all. Well, the only reason why I am in Slytherin is because I'm a Malfoy. Draco's twin sister to be precise. 

I slowly glided through the air, slightly above the pitch. The silence was amazing. Not a sound could be heard. 

You would think being a pureblooded Slytherin and a Malfoy would be great. You would think I had many friends, that I would be popular. Well, yes, I do have friends and people look up to me, but during these four, long years, I've only had one real friend. Ron Wesley. Yes, the redheaded, freckled 'bloodtraitor'. I met him during the first year.

• Flashback •

I felt a pair of eyes watch me while eating in the great hall. I turned around and met a pair of blue orbs gaze into mine. Ron Weasley. I instantly recognized his face. The moment I met his gaze his face turned almost as red as his hair and he turned away. I felt myself blush, too and continued eating. Draco looked at me funny, but seemingly brushed it off. 

The next day I saw him walking around the halls alone, so I decided to ask him why he was staring at me. I am a bit shy, suprisingly, but when something catches my interest I must find out more about it. Must be the Slythering kicking in. I walked up to him and slightly tapped his shoulder. He turned to me, clearly surprised. His face flushed pure red and he looked away. 

"You're Ron Weasley, right?" I asked him, my voice shivering slightly, but still strong.

"Ye-yeah... and you're Chloe Malfoy." he answered me and continued. "Draco's sister." So that's what I'm known around. As Draco's sister. Great.

"Yeah, I am aware. But I was just wondering, umm, why were you staring at me yesterday?" I asked him and saw his face turn as red as his hair. He started muttering: "We-well, umm... I don't know..." I looked at  him and giggled. "You're a funny boy, Ron." he looked at me funny and chuckled along with me.

• End of Flashback •

I was friends with Ron for two years, but we kept it a secret. It being public wouldn't had been good for neither for us. 

But during our second year we got into a fight. An awful fight. He one day got really mad at me and said that I always do what Draco and my family tells me to. That I'm a coward and don't have a mind of my own. (I know that doesn't sound like Ron, but just roll with it) It really hurt me. I got mad and slashed out at him and told him that maybe we shouldn't be friends anymore. I don't know why I said it. He looked hurt for a few seconds, but then said 'fine' and walked away. I cried myself to sleep that night.

I really, really, really regret that fight. I'm pretty sure that he hates me. We haven't talked since. It's been two years and I've thought of him almost every day. He was the only person that understood me. Truly understood me.

As I did a few loops and spins I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I didn't realize I missed him so much. I decided to land, and as I was landing I saw a person looking up at me. A person with an orange hair. 


Oh no. I thought. I kept slowly landing, without looking at him. I couldn't meet his gaze. I put my feet on the ground, took my broom and started walking, still without looking at him. I couldn't face him. I didn't want him to see me crying. As I walked past him, a few tears rolled down my cheek again. I heard him gasp silently and say: 

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