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3 Years later...

Yeo Woon was perched atop the Palace's roof as he silently watched the coronation of Crown Prince Yi San, soon to be known as King Jeong Jo. It was, as usual, a grand affair. With royal palace guards surrounding the area and the procession of palace advisers, scholars and palace maids, it was one of the rare occasions which almost the whole palace will be witnessing. Yeo Woon smiled fondly as he saw his friends standing closest to the King's seat, standing at attention and as usual, keeping a sharp look out for enemy attacks.

Yeo Woon's sacrifice had helped them to pave the way for a better future. Over the years, he had watched his friends grow, improve and age as they worked together to serve the Crown Prince. Together, they have created a better era, taxes were less, the people of Joseon were happier and more well-off, more and more people grew to respect the Crown Prince. However, as the number of followers increased, so has the number of enemies.

As such, Yeo Woon was watching over the coronation. Recently, they received a tip of the possibility of a coup happening during the coronation, with the intention of killing the Crown Prince, preventing his ascension to the throne.

For the past 3 years, Yeo Woon has spent the time training his followers, improving their skills. The jobs that they've done, true to his words, were all for the betterment of the people. Slowly, their organisation had gained recognition from the common folk, though their name was unknown, the people recognised them as the people clad in black, like assassins, though their intentions were pure. Yeo Woon was happy with the change in Heuksa Chorong.

Even now, his followers were hidden around the palace, some on the roof with him, some hiding in dark corners awaiting his orders. This time, their target was still unknown, but their person of interest is the Crown Prince. Should there be an attack against him, Yeo Woon will dispatch his followers. Even they have agreed that it is best for Joseon to be under the rule of the Crown Prince, his efforts and achievements have been recognised throughout the country and he is clearly, the best fit for the position.

Just then, from the corner of his eye, as the Crown Prince was walking up the steps towards his throne, Yeo Woon saw a metallic glint - an arrow was heading towards the Crown Prince! Yeo Woon looked at Dong-Soo and saw that he too have seen it and was already in action. He ran towards the Crown Prince, sword drawn as he deflected the oncoming arrow. Yeo Woon, with his hand up to stop his followers from taking action, smirked. Dong-Soo was still as sharp as ever.

By now, the palace was in uproar. Guards ran towards the prince as they surrounded him. Dong-Soo, as the Captain of the palace guards quickly took command as he yelled for the guards to find the culprit. Just then, the doors to the palace grounds swung open and a thousand soldiers clad in white robes charged in, swords drawn. A battle broke out on the grounds, with the people in white overwhelming the palace guards. They seemed to be skilled swordsmen as the palace guards slowly, one by one fell victim to their blades. Yeo Woon frowned and continued to watch, stopping his tense followers from plunging down into the crowd. The guards around the Crown Prince were desperately trying to find a way out of the battleground, but surrounding them all were enemies. Soon, each of the guards were busy dealing with their own enemies, Dong-Soo was also caught in the center of the battlefield, far away from the Crown Prince and hence unable to protect him.

Then, the swordsmen clad in white broke through the defensive line of the palace guards and charged for the Crown Prince. Yeo Woon quickly launched himself off the palace roof, his followers following after their leader immediately. They landed in front of the shocked Crown Prince in a solid line. It was a sight to behold: Amongst the bloodshed, a line of Black and White swordsmen stood facing each other.

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