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I blankly stared at the ceiling as I felt numbness spreading throughout my body.

My curtains had mostly blocked sunlight from reaching my darkened room, which created an ideal ambience for me. I had all my lights switched off, even the night lamp that I usually turned on.

The birds that were chirping outside informed me that it was the time to get up, but I didn't bother to move out of my bed. I was stuck there as if something powerful was gluing me down. My eyes were probably bloodshot due to all the tears I shed from last night, with my pillow completely stained with them.

Every time I was about to drift into a peaceful sleep and forget about everything, flashbacks of Adelynn came into view. I recalled the time where I first met her and remembered all the conversations we had, especially when she reconciled with Edward.

Then that scene from yesterday showed up.

That pool of blood.

I can't shake it off.

The image was stamped in my head, and it might take me a long period of time to forget it.

The clock struck exactly at 6 am, the time where I should have gotten ready for school, but I chose to stay in my comfort zone. My stomach then growled loudly, imploring me to eat something. Nonetheless, my entire body has rejected every food that I tried to swallow, and my appetite was non-existent.

Last night, Mom had been knocking on the door, trying to get me out to eat. She apologized for everything and told me that Jordan and Dad were worried sick about me. Still, I refused her offer despite my stomach's protests.

I had completely locked myself in my room, and had yet to come out. I tried to watch some funny videos to cast out the heavy feelings, but it seemed so impossible.

I can't.

Every time a dog barked, it reminded me of Myla, her pet.

Every time a cat meowed, it reminded me of that doll Aly had bought to give for her birthday.

Every time a bird sang, it reminded me of Edward's pet, Kei, which in turn reminded me of her for no reason.

Every time a child or a baby laughed, it reminded me of her joy.

Every time I watch a short film, the girl reminds me of her no matter what she looked like.

Somehow, everything became related to Adelynn, so there was no way I could escape from that feeling.

If anything, it got worse.

I had come to a conclusion that Adelynn's death was... my fault. If not for those stupid pastries and my selfishness, she wouldn't have died. Then I wouldn't fight with Aly, Ed and Seb wouldn't lose their friend, and I wouldn't end up like this.

I flashed my phone and looked through the texts, ignoring the ones involving Adelynn and Aly. I still recalled my friend's upset, crying face as she screamed at me that I was uncaring. If my best friend had to tell me that, it means I'm really uncaring...

Edward had sent me a message in the afternoon and I immediately replied to him.

Help me.

Ed? What's wrong?

However, he didn't answer again... until in the middle of the night.

Help me please...

Ed please tell me, what's up?

Until now, he hasn't responded to my question yet. I wasn't hoping that he would, but part of me was expecting his reply, even if that meant I should wait for hours. Placing my phone on the nightstand, I decided to flick the bed lamp on instead of the lights, and it enlightened most parts of the room.

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