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Pen Your Pride


Chapter 37

I close my eyes as I sit in my position on the temporary stage, the curtains blocking me from view of the growing crowd. I listen to the constant babble rising and falling only a few feet away from me and I frown in concentration as I try to block out a certain annoying voice.

“Are you seriously so stupid? Are you seriously so stupid? Are you seriously so stupid?”

I’m not effing stupid McLane! Ok, I may have my moments but come on already! I’m 17! It’s not like I’m perfect! I was finally going to tell you about Marshall, but no. You had to go and find out for yourself and then get all mad at me! Stupid boy.

I shouldn’t really be so mad but he wouldn’t even let me explain or at least placate the situation… On top of that he’s now the prince. The guy I’m supposed to be head over heels with as soon as I see him. The guy I’m supposed to act all lovey-dovey with. The idiot who I recently had a massive shouting match with. I’m not happy with the sudden twist of fate.

I snap my eyes open and glare at the curtains in front of me, gripping the scrubbing brush I have in my hands tightly. Oh I’m definitely going to show how unhappy I am with this arrangement.


“Once upon a time, in a land about a 15 hours flight from here, there was once a family. This family is probably what we would call your stereotypical fairy-tale family. A charming young heroine who thinks the best of everyone and everything, two mean older step-sisters who take advantage of this and the evil step-mom who typically favours her own children. The father of course, is non-existent for certain unknown reasons and as a result there’s no one to empathise with our main character other than her best friend. It is here where we start our story, in a cottage just on the outskirts of the wealthy city of Cleranda where the royal family of the country resides. It is here where our journey begins.”

The curtains part and even though I haven’t been listening to a single thing Mitch has been saying, I begin furiously scrubbing at the ground with my brush out of habit. Anger consumes me as I basically start to beat the living day lights out of that particular area of the stage, cursing Jake McLane and his stupid face.

“May I introduce to you ladies and gentleman, our kind, sweet heroine, Cinderella or Cinders for short.”

It’s only when an expectant silence fills the stage that I realise that it’s my line.

I wipe the frown of my face and lift my head with what I’m hoping to be an enchanting smile spread across it. “Hello.” I say, waving shyly to the crowd. I get up off the floor, dusting the rugged skirt of my dress off.

“My name is Cinders, I’m 18 years old and I live in this marvellous cottage.” I gesture around at the beautiful backdrop the art department and props crew have put together. My gaze sweeps across the crowd and I instantly spot the McLane’s, Dylan waving from behind his camera of course. “I’m very good at cooking and cleaning and I–” I stop short as soon as I see Matt nestled within the audience and I decide right there and then that I’m not going to go by the script anymore, “And I hate boys.”

There’s a bit of stunned silence before the crowd titters slightly.

I sit down again with a huff and continue to scrub the living daylights out of the floor while Mitch speaks on a little confusedly, “Now Cinders, though thankful for what little she has, wishes that… a prince would one day find her and marry her.”

“No I don’t!” I shout back to Mitch, causing the crowd to break out into laughter. I’m completely deterring away from the script, but I don’t care. I’m going to let everyone know that I’m not happy with the sudden change in cast.  

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