Teasers for Chapter 24 and 25

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Heya, lovely readers. How have you been doing? Hope everyone's rocking it great! :)

So, first of all this book of mine, which I lovingly (or lazily) call TSOUHF, has crossed 40k reads. Now that's something to celebrate. Woohoo! 🎉🎊

Secondly, the second version of this book, TSOUHF#2, and the second version as well as alternate version of my first book TSOUHD, TSOUHD#2 and TSOUWD, have all started getting updates (ironical, though). TSOUHF#2 will shortly get an update i.e. chapter 2 of the book will be posted soon, along with TSOUHD#2 and TSOUWD which will get their first chapter posted soon after TSOUHF#2.

Do read the post on my profile page to clear your confusion regarding these three books. Also, I have unpublished three of my books, namely, The Story of Us: Intertwined Kismet; The Confusion of My Mighty Heart; and, The Battle for Breath. These three books will only be republished whenever I'll be done with the above mentioned books of TSOU Series.

Now the reason I have mentioned here about my two new revised and one alternate version of my first two books, TSOUHD and TSOUHF, is because though I have said earlier that the new versions won't have much difference, they are literally deviating from the original books, especially TSOUHF. Those who have read the new version, must have noticed that Khushali's character is somewhat contradicting to her character in this book. Also, there's a change in narration as in #2 version of the book, the narrative style will be Third Person Limited, unlike the first book where the narrative style was Third Person Omniscient. There are many changes in the storyline now, including the mystery element which unlike TSOUHF, is inculcated from the very first chapter of TSOUHF#2.

It's not compulsion, but it'll be better if you all read the new versions of my books. They are the final drafts and probably, if they garner good response, I'd seriously consider them for publishing.

Anyway, now this post isn't about my revised books but rather the teasers. I know, I know it's been more than a month since I last updated and I'm very sorry for that. I'm trying to finish the update, but not getting enough time. Hopefully, I'll finish it soon, but I'm giving any date because I'm never able to keep it.

So, in the meanwhile, I'm treating you guys with these teasers from the second last chapter and last chapter of the book. This book will culminate with Chapter 25, after which there's an epilogue, whose excerpt I wanted to add here in this post but then refrained. Well, it's only because I want to keep it as a secret. Though, a few of my readers were privileged to read to it an excerpt of it and they know well that the epilogue marks two new entries, one of them is actually my favourite character's re-entry.

Here it goes ➡

Chapter 24
The Inevitable Gamble

Teaser 1 ➡

The paper in her hand, was just a reminder to her that she wasn't his fate. She was someone else's destiny, who had only become his life because that someone-Sagar-had paid the bitter price for this gamble of fate. She would be lying, if she ever say that Sagar never loved enough, just as much as Sidharth did, because in her heart she knew the exact gravity of Sagar's sacrifice, and what circumstamces must have compeled him, as she, too, was somewhere responsible for his death.

"It's because of Sagar, Khushali, that today you're in my life. Probably, I now know that he loved you more than anything in his life, more than I could ever love you, for he wasn't scared of the fate that awaited him, unlike me."
She heard her husband mumble this faintly, lying close to her. But in her heart she knew it was a lie. For her husband was nowhere frightened of the next leap that his life was about to take. He was resilient, but she wasn't.

Teaser 2 ➡

"No, this isn't how we had planned this all. This isn't right, we can't put you at stake, not even for my brother, or husband. You're not gonna do this, Khush. I won't let you!" cried Mayera in despair from the other side of the phone. Her voice was broken than ever Khushali had ever heard.

"It's too late, Mia," she said, and hung up the call.
This was her time, her last opportunity to compensate for every pernicious situation that she had made these seven people go through. And she was sure, she had no going backs.

Teaser 3 ➡

She stared him, but could not find even the glimpse of the man who she had started despising after learning the truth. The man infront of her, wasn't malevolent, he was ... frail and destructible.

Am I hallucinating?

But she knew, she wasn't. He was desolate, but wasn't he the callous man who had destructed her life in such a calamitous manner that she no longer could look back and claim that this wasn't her.

Teaser 4 ➡

"If this wasn't what you were after, then why did you kill Sagar? He was your brother, your own flesh and blood! How could you let money blind you to such extent that you killed your brother in cold blood? How could stoop so low? Answer me, Vivan!" she demanded, her eyes full of rage and raw hatred. But even then the hints of remorse and fear in Vivan's eyes didn't go unnoticed.

"I didn't kill him, I could never do that. You've just been filled with false stori-" he tried to reason, but couldn't continue as Khushali cut his speech.

"Then how did Sagar die? And don't lie to me this time, we both know a car collision couldn't leave scars of stabbing on someone's body," she stated, her voice firmer than ever. But her lips quivered, the answer to her question was debilitating and unexpected.


Chapter 25
The End of All

Teaser 1 ➡

Maybe she was exhausted, or maybe she had reached her saturation point. But all she wanted to do in this moment was to lose herself in her husband's warm embrace and zone out of this cacophony that she could understand anymore.

"I'm with you, always and whenever you need me, Khushali," he whispered in her ears.

And as if in a reflex, she closed her weary eyes. For it was the moment for her to let go.

Teaser 2 ➡

"The fault wasn't yours, it was ours! Maybe if we had learnt our lesson before, Sagar would've been alive. So, it isn't you who deserves to be punished, it's us."

But Khushali wondered, whether it would still change the kismet of each and every person who had become a part of this ugly game.

Teaser 3 ➡

"A true beginning is only when the past is ready to bid you adieu. The doors need to be closed shut, for even a tiny space can help it come haunting back." she said, calmly as ever. Her husband smiled.

Both knew, this moment would mark their beginning, the new chapter of life they were embarking on.

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