chapter 3 | THE TALK

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Thalia drove the Delphi's Strawberries truck through Manhattan, swerving expertly through the busy traffic. Coming to a stop at a red light, she glanced in the mirror to check on Percy.

The Son of Poseidon was lying alone in the backseat, pasted in sweat. His teeth were clenched together and his eyes were squeezed shut as the car rumbled and bumped over potholes and speed bumps.
The ivory white bandages covering his wounds - he didn't have his shirt on (he had told her that he couldn't raise his arms without stretching his lacerations, but he refused to let her or Nico help) - already had small, dark red splotches spreading across them.
His leg was suspended in a cast and held up with one of Chiron's ties fastened to the safety handle. Still, the tie was only so sturdy - his leg still bounced every time the car rolled over a pothole or accelerated suddenly. She tried to keep the ride smooth, but this was Manhattan.

She turned her head away, unable to keep looking at the sight. She couldn't imagine the pain he was in, or how he kept from crying out.

--------------*LINE BREAK*---------------

Thalia eased the truck to a stop in front of the Empire Stare Building, taking a moment to stare up at the magnificent, iconic landmark.

With a heavy sigh, she and Nico jumped out of the front and opened the back doors to get Percy out, but he was already shuffling over to Thalia, keeping his teeth clenched together like they had been most of the ride.

As he got out, she and Nico supported him, letting him each put an arm over their shoulders. She knew he hated the help, but he wouldn't be able to walk otherwise.

They moved inside the building, going slowly as possible without looking suspicious.
Thalia quickly snapped her fingers, bending the mist around them. She hoped it worked - otherwise they'd be getting a bunch of strange looks and probably a visit from social services before the day was over.

Finally, they managed to reach the service desk in the lobby.
"Key to the 600th floor, please," she said smoothly, holding her hand out.
"No such thing, kid," the doorman grumbled, not looking up from the book he was reading. Admittedly, it looked pretty interesting - had some sort of bird on the front - but she wasn't in the mood to play this game today.
"You wanna play this game, dude? 'Cause I don't," she growled, electricity sparking between her outstretched fingers.

The doorman looked up and instantly held his hands up, eyes widening at the sight of the 'big three' kids. "Woah, woah," he laughed nervously. "No need to get violent. Take the key, kid," he said hurriedly, basically chucking the key at Nico, who managed to catch it.

"Thank you," Thalia said with a dazzling smile as they moved on, heading towards the elevator.

They were just about to step inside when Percy let out a...whimper?
She stopped and stared at her cousin, confused.
"Percy? What's wrong?" She asked gently. Like calming a wolf, she thought, eyeing the look of rabid fear on his face.
"Not the elevator," he ground out, breathing quickly. "Anything but the elevator."

Nico shot her a meaningful glance, as though he understood, but she just shrugged - what was wrong with an elevator?

"It's okay. Let's shadow travel," Nico suggested.

"Yeah, yeah, let's shadow travel," she agreed, still watching Percy.

"Dark," he stuttered, though he moved willingly to stand beside Nico.

"Well, yeah, Percy. Shadows tend to be dark," she replied sarcastically, standing on the other side of Nico. "Come on, Death Breath - let's get a move on." With that, Nico stepped causally into the closest patch of shadows, and all three vanished from view with a slight sound like the sighing wind.

--------------line break--------------


The trio appeared just outside the throne room, standing breathlessly in the shadows cast by the archway.

Percy staggered out into the sunlight, breathing heavily as he doubled over, trying desperately not to wretch what little food he had in his stomach - ambrosia and a cookie.

He breathed deeply, trying to ignore the sudden memories that dominated his mind, demanding his attention. Just memories, he told himself firmly. You aren't there. Just memories.

"Yo, Perce! Come on, don't want to keep them waiting too long, do we?" Thalia asked. He could feel her heavy gaze on him, though, assessing his condition.

"Yeah," he replied, giving a small, weak, obviously fake grin. "Let's go."

They stepped into the throne room, the archway extending far above them as the sun glinted off its marble material. The throne room was polished and cleaned as immaculately as always, and a variety of smells - mainly pine trees and ozone - permeated the air, though he could detect hints of wet dog and....corn flakes? Must be Demeter, he thought with a small smile.

The twelve Olympians sat in their half-moon circle, each at least 20 feet tall and with their own defining characteristics, which where too numerous to name (as he knew they would make him stand their and wax eloquent about all of them if they heard him, and he did not want to do that.)

"Demigods," Zeus began, once they had taken their proper place. The group of cousins had not bowed, feeling like such formality was beneath them not.

Percy felt pretty relieved about this, considering that he thought if he bended over, he wouldn't be able up again, what with his bum leg and all.

"You have done us a great service - again," he added the last word reluctantly, at the urging of a pointed cough from Thalia.

"Many in the council feel that you should be given an award. I don't think you did all that much, myself, but what is my matter opinion against the opinion of the Council.

"In leu of that, Demigods, your reward will be," he broke off, letting the words trail off into silence as he let the drama build - like the Drama King he was.


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