The Zodiacs

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Aires: Fire Sign: March 20-April 19:
Aries are very spontaneous, courageous, daring, and energetic. However, they are impatient, vain and egoistic. An Aries is going to do what feels right to them and what makes them happy. Your approval is not needed. They always have a burning fire with in, whether it's love...or rage!

Taurus: Earth Sign: April 19-May 20:
Taurus are very artistic, stable and trustworthy. They are very loyal and dedicated to anything they work on, including relationships. Taurus have very intense feelings, and tries to keep a grip on them. They are very persistent and highly possessive. They are very encouraging towards their friends and will know when you're lying.

Gemini: Air Sign: May 20-June 20:
Gemini are considered to have hidden talents and creative abilities. They are very cheerful, diplomatic, and versatile. Gemini will feel happy one minute, and then be sad the next, as they are very unpredictable. They are very indecisive and like to speak their mind, but don't like to speak about their emotions. If you're going to be friends with a Gemini, be open minded and up for debate.

Cancer: Water Sign: June 20-July 22:
Cancers are very observant and empathetic towards those who are close to them. Cancers can be cool, calm and collected, but when they get hurt, they are very sensitive. But Cancers are very tough on the inside and won't stop until they get what they want. They are fueled by their emotions. They are as sweet as pie, but whatever you do, don't piss them off...

Leo: Fire Sign: July 22-August 22:
Leo are very smart and confident about anything they do; they take pride in everything they do. Leo's are ambitious, generous, and encouraging towards their friends. They would prefer not to be alone, and to not like them is very difficult. They don't dwell on the past, they prepare for the future. Leo's very sensitive, but they hide it very well.

Virgo: Earth Sign: August 22-September 22:
Virgos think they know everything, and they usually do. They are caring, loud, and smart, and are very dominant over most things. Virgo's can be very relaxed but very uptight if they are proven wrong. They can obsess too much over things at times. They are humble and determined, and will finish what they started. They constantly need to find out information and use it later.

Libra: Air Sign: September 22-October 22:
Libra's are alert, intellectual, and charming, but can be selfish at times. They don't like to be rushed, and usually double checks when making a decision. They hate people who take advantage of their friendliness, and when that happens, they can turn from sweet to bitter really quickly. They have a strong desire to be involved with friends.

Scorpio: Water Sign: October 22- November 21:
Scorpios are very good at pissing people off, and you will never regain a friendship that you lost with them. Scorpios are very charismatic, focused, and intense. They usually bottle up there emotions, but they'll vent when they need to. Although they can be aggressive at times, they are very trusting and determined. They don't get jealous easily, and people don't really get their actions and decisions.

Sagittarius: Fire Sign: November 21-December 21:
Sagittarius like to laugh and loosen up. They are very quick witted and will find out the truth no matter what. They are adventurous, passionate, and playful, and they get tired of bullshit...very quickly. They are very argumentative, and stand their ground no matter what.

Capricorn: Earth Sign: December 21-January 19:
Capricorn are very mature years over their age and is usually comfortable in a more advanced environment. They are very down to Earth and will tell you anything that's on their mine. They are careful, ambitious, and usually cool in hectic situations. They love being in long relationships and like attention.

Aquarius: Air Sign: January 20-February 19:
Aquarius will exceed your expectations and are very observant. They can be sensitive at times, yes, but they are also very mysterious and secretive. They aren't fighters, but will knock you out if they have to. They are great listeners and never give up on you.

Pisces: Water Sign: February 19- March 20:
Pisces are very compassionate and easygoing and are very emotional thinkers. They like affection and are creative, and like to share their dreams/imaginations. They get frustrated easy, especially if somebody doesn't understand them or make them feel the wrong way. If they're mad, they'll make you mad.

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