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"I was your amber but now she's your shade of gold"
~ Stone Cold • Demi Lovato

~ Justin ~

2 weeks before

WHERE IS SHE?! She was suppose to meet me at the bleachers and she didn't come. I have text and called her about about 15 times.

After Ariana decided to pull that little stunt with me. I pushed her off and she slapped me when she was the one trying to get me.

She left taking her little attitude with her.

Maybe she wasn't feeling good.

2 weeks later

{ present day }


Where is she at first I thought maybe she isn't feeling good. So I left her for about 2 days then I went to her house and got her flowers and some stuff to get her feeling better. Grayson and I are driving over there right now.

He parked the car and I ran out. I ran up the steps and tryed opening the door. It was locked. I ran to the back door and tried it was locked. I punched the glass window. And put my bloody hand threw  the hole I just made. I unlock the door and open the door. There was nothing in here. The I walk into dining room there is glass all over the floor. Grayson was in the living room.


I ran in and saw even more glass. It looked like a disaster.

I run up the stairs. I went straight to her room. Or her door. I tryed opening it and it was locked.


I shoved my body towards the door. Then I got mad and it opened.

That's when I saw her

My princess
My heart
My life

On the floor. The room was a disaster as well. There was a..a..blade next to her.

She looked up at me

I was about to cry when I heard her

"J-Justin is that you?" Her voice cracked.

I run and knelt next to her

"Yeah Princess it's me"

"You T-took a long time Justin. I thought you would come for me. Then I remembered you loved her..." She looked up

What was she talking about

"Princess I don't-""

"I saw you two kiss and it hurt because you are my everything so that broke me "

"You said you wouldn't hurt me. But you did. You hurt me bad. Real bad"

My eyes were watering as she kept talking.

"So I came home and I started crying cause you made me feel like this was my fault. And I felt so stupid to think you'd actually be with me for me. So I cried and cried and I'm still crying."

I can't believe she felt like this and I want here to be with her to comfort here.

"Sometimes I got angry like how my dad used to and started throwing things around everywhere. I felt alone  when I realized you weren't coming"

I felt the tears go down my cheeks

" but now your here. I hope unless this is a dream and this is all a dream." She reached out to touch me

And I leaned in.

Her eyes went wide

"It's you isn't it"

I nod

She passed out.

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