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Hope you will enjoy this book! NOTE: This book is purely meant for humor and comedy. If any of the jokes offend you in any way, don't attack me in the comments. Just know that I apologise if anything in this book offended you in any way.

I had the idea for this book when I was younger so if it's cliche and it sucks then sorry????

Yes, it may get boring at parts or maybe it might be predictable but the main theme of this book is comedy with a plot behind all the jokes and laughter. So if you think that the book gets boring then no need to comment about it, just exit or keep reading until it all makes sense :)

This book is not my main priority in life. If I wanted it to be a proper, published book then it would've been written a lot better. Anyway...

If comedy isn't really your liking, then go and read another one of my books: In The Shadows. It's a fantasy book and I would love if you went and checked it out!


Thank you!!

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Nikki Devron is not your average teenager. In school she is Lana Pageant, the nerd who everyone picks on. In real life she is one of the most famous actresses in the world, known for her beauty and acting skills.

But there is one problem, being one of the most famous people in the world she never gets a break from everything in her acting life. She disguises herself at school as Lana Pageant, she keeps her head down and stays under the radar at all times.

But suddenly her life takes a turn; bringing on three hot, popular boys, new movies, parties, english projects and model best friends. Can she keep it all up or will all the stress build up inside her until she can't take it?


- Red

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