"Achoo!" I sneezed as I snuggled deeper into my covers.

Evan chuckled as he sat down beside me on my bed "That's what you get from dancing in the rain yesterday." 

I let out another sneeze "I don't know how in the name of heavens that you not get sick."

He shrugs with a smug look on his face "I guess I'm just immune to it."

I rolled my eyes as I placed my head onto his shoulder. So apparently, I did get sick because of my little dancing session in the rain with Evan yesterday and the only downside for me and not him is that he didn't get sick afterwards we were done.

I scooted closer towards him "Err... I feel like total shit."

"You don't say." he remarked sarcastically as I gently punch him on the shoulder.

"You are such an asshole, you know that." I muttered which he took to respond with a laugh.

He stood up from the bed and leaned down to place a small kiss on my forehead. I blushed and when I thought he was about to pull away, he placed several more trails of kisses on both of my cheeks and in the tip of my nose, only making me blush harder.

"I'd kiss you on the lips but sadly I don't wanna catch a virus." he said with a smirk "So I'll just wait until you finally get better so I can ravish those lips of yours none stop." 

My face heated up and I slyly slap him in the arm "Evan! You're turning to such a huge pervert you know that!"

He laughed as leaned down at me, still smirking "Yeah... But I'm only a huge pervert when it comes to you."

I rolled my eyes "If I knew this was the outcome of me kissing you I shouldn't had kissed you in the first place." I said with a small grin on my face.

He chuckled once more before placing another small kiss on my cheek and walking to the direction of the door "I'll make you some soup and right after we can both watch a movie." he said right before he went out.

I grinned "Sure."

He gave me a wink as he headed outside of the room. I heave out a sigh as I slump myself back onto my bed before grabbing a pillow and hugging it tightly against my chest.

I really don't know what's happening between me and Evan right now but I do know it's only making me happy and frustrated at the same time. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like Evan. A lot. And it doesn't take a freaking genius to know that he somewhat likes me back.

But that's the thing though, we both like each other but we don't specifically know what we are. Yes, we did confess our feelings to one another but I don't wanna make conclusions and say were in a none existing relationship and whatever now.

But I really do wanna know what we are. If were just friends acting like a couple or if were two people who like each other and are in the idea of getting into an actual relationship.

The sound of a phone ringing immediately caught my attention and I sat up to see that someone was calling me from my phone. With a groan, I gathered all the energy I had left and grabbed it from the table desk and went back to my bed.

I saw in the caller ID that Emily was calling and I slide the answer button as I placed the phone against my ear "Hello Emily?" I said in a raspy voice.

"Are you sick?" she asked in a worried tone.

"Unfortunately yes." I said as I let out a sneeze "And now I feel like total shit."

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