Chapter 1 - Cut Her Deeply (Edited)

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Janet Stanmore

Walking on the side of the road , I placed my hand in front of my face to block the sun rays from hitting my face. The sky is really bright today but it didn't cooperate with my body though.

I'm not feeling well in every way , I always push myself to work so I can keep my family alive. I felt dizzy and my body temperature is hot. I looked at my watch to see it's already 7:12 and I ran with all of my energy to the restaurant that I work in.

"Janet you're almost late!" My manager Tony said and I just nodded lightly. Heading to the back of the restaurant to change my uniform.

I work at Colton Restaurant , it's a really famous and expensive restaurant. The restaurant is full of famous people : actor , actress , writer and more. I even met Chris Evans once!

Walking out I quickly took the small note book and pen , ready to serve if someone walked in.

I saw a couple walked in and I made my way to them , putting a smile on my pale sick ugly face.

"Good morning sir and madam , here's the menu. You can call me" I smiled and they looked at me nodding their heads.

I walked back and waited for them to order. I took a glass and poured water into , sipping it to gain my strength back. I know it's just water but it makes my throat feel better.

Work, work and work , I never stop working until I've reach my limits. I need to help my little brother reach his dreams and pay the hospital bills to keep my dad alive. I have a big bowl of responsibilities on my back.

I've always dreamed being a princess and just enjoy the money that I have , be happy , travel the world , buy everything I like , study abroad and everything else. It seems my life is the opposite , I'm no princess.

I never got into a university , I kept working my butt off and never left New York. I might get a little bit of money from blogging but it's not enough when I live in a really expensive city.

I started blogging 4 years ago , the blog is about life , tips , fashion and etc. It's more like a random blog and I gain around 1.5 million of followers. The interesting part is that.. I never show my identity to the blog world , no one know who I am.

No one.. Except me and GOD

I kept it a secret from the start because I don't like attention and I'm too shy to show my face to the world. My name is RED HEART in the blog world , why did I pick that name? Well heart is an organ that kept you alive , I'm that organ in the family. Since my mom died , everything fell out of place and my dad is also not the same.

He became lifeless until one day he passed out on his way to work , he got admitted into the hospital and the doctor said that my dad's heart is weak and some of the veins in his heart is not working well.

He didn't took the news well so he's trying to prove that he's healthy enough but somehow it made him faint. His condition didn't get better and it made him go into a coma.

I know it's makes me sad getting through my life , Can I wish for a prince charming to come to me and save my life?

What a stupid wish Janet , just plain stupid.

"Janet , go get table 7" Sarah poke me and I nodded. I walked to table 7 and found 4 popular Billionares that made girls knee go weak when we see them.

It's Sebastian Cesborn , Alexander North , Sky Locason and Max Cesantio.

I gulped nervously as I gave the menu to them and waited for them to order.

"Mushroom soup and grill fish with Colton secret sauce" Alexander North said and I quickly wrote down

"Tenderloin Steak , the premium one" My head is suddenly hurting but I kept writing the orders down

"Double beef burger with onion rings" Sky said

"Make the Tenderlion Steak two , add mashed potato" Max said

"Okay , can I take the menu?" I asked and they all ignored me. They're busy with their phones so I decided just to take the menu. Oh! I forgot to ask them what drink do they want..

I put the menu to the counter first and walked back with a drink menu on my hand.

"Excuse me sir , what drink should I serve?" I asked nicely

"Do you want beer?" Max asked them

"Call" Sky answered and the rest nodded

"Make it 4" I nodded and politely walked away. I put all their orders to the list. Their drinks serves first and I walked to them with 4 glasses of beer.

My eyes suddenly blurred and my head felt dizzy, I felt the time is slowing down , I tripped on someone's chair and ended up spilling all the beers onto the Billionare's table.

The worse part is it ended up on Sky Locason's place.

Everything is like a slow motion but it suddenly got normal when Sky Locason stood up and let out curses from his mouth.

"Fucking stupid" He cursed and I quickly got up and took the glasses away from them

"What happened?" My manager Tony came into the view , I bowed my head down

"Are you stupid?"

"Sir Locason , I'm really sorry about my employee's behavior. We-"

"Fire her! Her task is so easy but she ended up spilling everything on my suit and the table" He said in an angry tone , my head is hurting but I can hear everything single word that he let out from his mouth.

His words hit my feelings hard , it's really painful.

He said a lot of things , he's complaining to my manager and I saw his friends just looking at me in pity. I bowed to him

"I'm sorry sir , I was-"

"Don't give me a bullshit excuse Jane!" Oh! So.. He saw my nametag. I kept my head bowed down until he said this..

"A girl like you will always be on the bottom of the chain , your job is only serving people but you made them dissapointed" He threw the left over beer to my face rudely and my eyes is full of tears right now but I remain silent.

"I'm sorry sir"

"Fire her" Sky said to my manager Tony

"Bitch" That's the word he said before leaving the table , his friends followed him but suddenly someone patted my shoulder.

"Don't mind him" Alexander North patted my shoulder and walked out.


The word that cut my heart deeply , no one ever said things like that. It really hurts me deeply as he cursed and mocked me in front of the whole restaurant.

I admitted that I was wrong because I spilled the beer but does he have to say things like that to me?

Fuck you Sky Locason

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