31. Big Girl Panties

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It was time to put my big girl panties on.

Megan, Rob and the girls had gone to their room and we were meeting up later to make our way to the rehearsal. 

Jay and I had spoken about my little meltdown and I assured him I was okay now, something in my demeanour had shifted and he accepted it without question.

We ordered room service and relaxed as we lost ourselves watching the movie that Tim and Carlo had starred in last year. Death by Innocence.

"That was awesome." I said as the credits rolled. "It's so different watching someone you know, not that I know them, but you know, I've met them...." I trailed off when Jay started laughing and I lost myself in the glorious sound.

"I did it again huh?" I grinned as he looked at me and nodded.

"I love how you do that when you get excited." I smiled at him, for once not feeling the embarrassment that I normally would.

"I'd do it all the time if it meant hearing you laugh like that." I said honestly.

"I'd capture you and put you in a little bottle and take you everywhere I went, if I could." 

"Possessive much?"  I asked and he smirked. 

"When it comes to you, you have no idea."  I clenched my thighs as his words made their way to my very core.

I was wearing the red dress that I'd worn the night that Jay took me to the casino and it seemed to invoke the same memories in him as it did me, if his smile was anything to go by.

"This dress drives me fucking crazy."  He growled as his fingers traced over my exposed back. 

"Is it okay?  You know, it doesn't look cheap does it?  Oh god, does it? I don't have anything else.  Shit, maybe I should...." 

His hand cupped my breast and I instantly looked into his dark eyes.  "You look beautiful Mia, absolutely fucking beautiful."

I relaxed as I focussed on his fingers and his words. 

"Trust me."  I nodded. 

"I do Jay."  I whispered as he brought his lips down to mine.

Megan gave me a reassuring smile as we all walked into the room together.  Jays grip on my hand was tight as he led me in.  I could see his parents seated with another couple, his dad's jaw was visibly bruised and it gave me a somewhat sick sense of satisfaction.

We followed Megan, Rob and the girls over to where they were greeting Amanda and Tim.

Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong

The words were running through my mind like a chant.

"Mia, Jay." Amanda smiled as she greeted us but her eyes looked to Jay in warning. He shook his head and held his hands up in surrender. She nodded in understanding.

"It's good to see you guys." Tim said as he kissed my cheek and shook Jays hand. 

"Are you okay Mia?"  He whispered to me as Jay and Amanda got into their own conversation. 

"Yes, thank you.  I'm fine."  He gave me a small smile and nodded, dropping the subject.

I watched as Megan and her family went over to greet her parents and couldn't help but notice the stiffness in her back as she gave them a quick hug.  Her father looked my way, his eyes dark and angry for a brief second before he masked it. 

"Babe?"  Jay asked as I tightened my grip on his hand.  Looking into his concerned eyes, I struggled with whether I should tell him and risk him being angry, or if I should leave it.  After all, it was just a look.

His words floated through my mind, Because you should have fucking trusted that I'd understand.

"Your father looks angry."

Jays jaw clenched tight as he looked over to where his father was.

"Not as fucking angry as I am." He replied in a deep voice that betrayed his emotions.

We steered clear of their table, instead mingling with the few we had met a few nights previously. I wondered why they called this a rehearsal, sure the wedding planner spoke for about 20 minutes about the layout of the day, but there was no rehearsal as such. Just another excuse to get together and drink I guess.

"Jay, good to see you again man."

We turned to see a smiling Carlo as he patted Jay on the back and leant in to kiss my cheek.

"Hello Mia."

Carlo had such an easy going friendly personality, it instantly drew you in and made you feel like you'd been friends forever.

"Hi Carlo. It's good to see you." My smile was genuine and I felt myself relax somewhat.

He looked as if he wanted to ask something, but shook his head as he thought better of it.

"Oh, oh." I said excitedly and saw Jay smirk, knowing what I was going to say. "We watched your movie. Yesterday. We watched it. It was awesome.  You and Tim.  Oh my god you were so good. I loved it."

Carlo smiled and his eyes sparkled with humour as he listened to me ramble.

"I'm glad you liked it Mia, it was a great movie to make. And being with Tim on set was just one laugh after another, it kinda broke up the monotony of waiting around."

I nodded as if I understood, but of course I didn't really.

"I'm fairly sure you have a new number one fan." Jay commented teasingly and I laughed.

"Sorry, I get a little excited at times."

I felt her presence before I laid eyes on her and Jays body language showed that he felt it too.

"Is she shifting loyalties already Jay?"

She said it jokingly but her undertones were bitchy.

"Maybe we'll have to leave Carlo and Mia and join our own forces."

I saw Carlo frown and his eyes looked troubled.

"Tracy, there you are." His voice sounded tight under his obviously false smile.

"Hi babe." She smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. "I thought I should rescue you before Mia tries sinking her claws in, like she did with...."

"Shut up!" Carlo hissed and looked at me with embarrassment, his face apologetic.

I reached for his arm and smiled. "Thanks Carlo, but if she has something to say, she may aswell say it to my face."

My eyes turned to hers as I waited. She sneered as she narrowed her eyes.

"You don't belong here Mia."

I tried to hide my surprise, but failed. That was probably the last thing I expected her to say.

"Tracy!" Carlo warned.

"Keep your fucking claws off my man." She hissed before letting Carlo lead her away.

"Fucks sake!" Jay hissed under his breath as he pulled me against him. "Jesus Mia, I'm sorry."

In all honesty her words didn't bother me that much, the thing that did was wondering who she was talking about.

"Was she warning me off you or Carlo?" I asked as I looked up into his angry green eyes.

He thought for a moment, his brows furrowing before he shook his head. "I don't know." He seemed as confused as I was.

"Will you dance with me?" I asked, wanting him to know that Tracy's little spat was not going to ruin our evening. I wouldn't let it, I wouldn't let myself become this pathetic girl who always needed rescuing.

I caught Megan's eye and it was obvious that she had seen the exchange and I smiled to let her know everything was okay.

She nodded, but mouthed later and I nodded in understanding before turning my attention back to the one man in the room that deserved it.

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