You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground

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Derek's point of view
A few seconds later the ambulance and police were at the venue and there's a manhunt for the guy with the gun that shot my son, the bastard...
So, the rest of mayday parade, and Kellin was in one car, me, Demi, Dave and Jenna were in another. I am so mad right now my fists are knuckles are paper white as i grip on the steering wheel for dear life, he didn't do anything to get shot at for. Me, Demi or anyone would have taken the bullet for him, gladly. All we care about is keeping him safe. We had one job, but instead of doing it, he got shot without warning. Demi and Jenna were in the back crying, praying, and singing. Me and Dave were up here trying to get to the hospital as fast as humanly possible. Like 5 minutes later, we got there. We all run in.
"We're looking for Andrew Sanders's room" I asked
"Room D104" she said in a bitchy tone.
"Thanks" I said politely, just to get on her nerves.
We go up the elevator to the D floor, it said "kids trauma department"
"We're in the right place"
We walk to the waiting room and I can get a good look at everyone, Demi is a wreck, Jenna is too, Dave is crying his eyes out, Kellin is humming so he doesn't go mad, Alex keeps putting his fist in his hand, brooks is playing his guitar, Jake is doing the same thing as Kellin, Andy and Juliet were crying too.
"Ya know, babe, it's ok to cry" Demi whispers with tears. That is the moment I broke.
I cried more than I ever thought was possible. I missed my little boy.
"The Sanders family?" The doc said
Me and Demi went up "Sir, we're his parents, how is he?"
"Do you want the Good news or Bad?" The doc said
"Bad then Good" I said
"So, bad news is he's gonna be in a coma for a while, probably a month or two, and when he wakes up, you need to limit his physical activity. Good news is that the bullet didn't mess anything up, and he's stable, you can go in if you want" we both nodded, and the shadow of a smile crept on our faces.
"Let's go! Bring Dave and Alex. No offense to the others... He's generally just closer to us 4, and Jen but he wouldn't want her to worry more than she already has"
We got the other guys and headed inside, the sight was unbelievable. Head to toe chords and tubes and stuff. Alex got Brooks's guitar before we went in so we could play.
"One or two songs from us each?"
"Yeah that's a good idea, babe you start?" Demi said
"Of course, my love... Hey Drew, it's Dad. I brought your mom, and uncle Alex, and Dave. We're gonna give you your own private concert"
My phone beeped indicating a tweet.
"Hey lovatics and paraders, it's Demi... I don't know how to explain but we need all the support we can get right now, bad things happened involving my son Drew, Mama Dem is pissed @DerekSanders "
Then I took the opportunity to tweet out my frustration
"I don't usually post serious stuff, but this is about as serious as it gets, my son's in the hospital, please pray for us-Derek"
Pretty soon, the hashtag "#PrayforDemiAndDerekAndFriends" was trending worldwide.
"First song of the concert, you be the anchor" (song plays thru)
"Next song is Only place I call home" (song plays thru)
"Last song, is skyscraper and nightingale" (songs play thru)
Then there's a voice that made everything happy "Mom? Dad?"
We rejoiced for a moment, then a phone call came that flipped everything we knew sideways.

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