Chapter 21: The Bear Hunt Part II

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"David, you owe me fifty bucks," I called out between laughs as I watched the dumbass adolescent males squirm painfully in the sand. "Well, actually you owe Charlie so just give it to her."

My wolf was buzzing. We were proud of our pup, more than proud. That girl made two of our strongest young males look like mere puppies. She put the fear of God in their eyes, as she should. After they healed up, I would have my turn with them after we got back home. No one touches my pup without repercussions.

I stood up and turned towards the fire pit. Lander was trying to calm Liam down. His wolf was too close, too attached to Charlie. I took a sip of my beer then looked to Elliot who was watching him intently.

"Liam," I called out. His eyes snapped away from his father's to mine. He was mad. His wolf wanted a bite out of those male's asses, and I couldn't blame him, but Charlie was not his, and he was not her's. He had to be stronger than this bond for both their sakes. "Go run it off. Elliot and Remi, you two go with him. "

Remi stood up and started to walk over to Liam. He was just like his dad at that age; tall, lanky, but alert. His wolf was damn alert of everything around him. According to Lander that kid spent more time in the woods than he did at home, his wolf's heart practically beat to the song that forest sang to him.

I sat down next to Bowie who cracked open another beer and clinked my can with his. "Your boy's just like you Bowie."

Bowie chuckled and nodded. "He's a good boy, a little shy. He hasn't really come into himself, but he's a fighter. All the other boy's used to think he was weak because he was skinnier than them," Bowie said through laughs. He shook his head and looked at me mischievously. "You shouldn't judge one by their appearance. My boy apparently beat up one of those twins so bad that they couldn't walk for a week."

"He should start coming to train with Liam and Charlie."

Bowie's eyes widened with pride. He nodded to me and smiled into his can as he sipped his beer. "He would love that. Thank you."

"Blake, go peel those boys off the sand. In the morning take them back to the pack, I doubt they will be moving anywhere for a while."

Blake looked over at the boys still laying in the sand. They were trying to push themselves up, but failing miserably. He shook his head at the sight that was frankly embarrassing. "She fights like you, ya know?" he called out over his shoulder as he walked towards the mess my pup made. Although, I was damn proud of the mess.

Lander dug out another beer from our travel cooler and sat next to David. He looked over at the boys that Blake was now trying to scrape off the sand; blood still leaking everywhere along with chunks of flesh that Charlie's wolf ripped off. A faint smile was painted on his lips as he looked back at me. "She did good Levi. Blake's right, she fights much like you."

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