Teen!Gohan x Blind! Reader

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  You've been blind since the day you were born.

All you ever saw was darkness, you didn't even know what the color black looked like untill someone told you it was complete darkness and that white was the opposite of black, it was complete light.

You're parent's babied you all your life, you didn't mind however, you were a baby. You couldn't see, you couldn't read, nor write.

Untill you met him by a river, Gohan, was his name. You had no idea what he looked like, but his voice enchanted you.

"Hey (Y/N)!" He called out for you. You followed his voice, you could pick up a smile in his voice. Everyday Gohan walked you home, everyday he'd take you to see the sunset, even though you couldn't see it, you could tell it was wonderful by the way he talked about it.

He never left your side, he was with you 24/7.

"C'mon, (Y/N), we might miss it!" Gohan laughed, dragging you closer to the hill you would always go to. You cracked a smile staring at the ground below you. You found it unesserary to look up, or look at people, it wasn't like you could see them anyways.

When Gohan finally stopped you stopped as well, holding onto his arm.

"It's beautiful (Y/N). I wish you could see it..." Your heard Gohan's voice trail off. "Describe it for me, I know some of the colors, like gold, yellow, black, and white." You spoke softly.

"Oh, well, It's shades of gold, yellow, and orange, but the blue sky makes the top of it look kind of purple." Gohan said lightly. You started to ponder on one color Gohan said. Purple.

"Purple, what does it look like?" You asked, you're eyes still not leaving the ground. 

"Well, you know what fire and ice look like, right?"

You nodding hopping that he could see you, "Red and blue..."

"Yeah, it's kind of between those two, it gives a mysterious feeling. And if it was a smell it would smell kind of calm and cool than romantic." Gohan spoke, the words flowing from his lips like a sweet melody.

You always loved how he explained things to you. He didn't give you just one example, he would always give you three, making sure than you understood.

"What do you look like? I once heard someone say Miss ChiChi and Mr. Goku had black hair and eyes, so that means you inherited their hair and eye color, right?" You said as you heard a laugh escape Gohan's mouth.

"Yeah, pretty much!" He laughed once again and you smiled at that, but frowned sadly at what you thought of.

"How about me? Am I pretty?" You gulped down, sqeezing Gohan's arm tighter. You felt tears gather in your eyes and roll down your face, like water rolloing off a leaf after the rain.

Gohan went quiet, you assumed that he was confused by your question. "Am I pretty, Gohan?" For the first time, you looked up, trying to find his eyes through the darkness of yours.

You felt Gohan slip his arm out of you're grip and you heard him shift around. "I really wish you could see, even if it was just for a week." Gohan started, "even just for a day."

"Even if it was only for seven minutes, I'd still except it." You managed to get out through your tears that now soaked your face, still searching for his eyes.

"You want to know how you look, (Y/N)?" Gohan whispered, almost so quietly, you couldn't hear him. 

You felt him lean closer, his warm breath on your face. You immediantly closed your eyes like it was an instict.

Gohan's soft, tender lips pressed against yours carefully, his warm hands cupped your cheeks, after a while he pulled back and hugged you closer to him.

You smiled happily, his embrace warmed your heart, it warmed your whole body you never wanted to lose that feeling. You heard Gohan whisper lovingly into your ear,

"You're beautiful, just like the sunset, (Y/N)."

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