Chapter 1

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Mystery Guy: Point Of View

My friend made me come to this party to forget my girlfriend, well now she's my ex girlfriend; I'm glad they did because I'm having some fun. This hot kind of short Girl walked on to the dance floor looking lost. All my friends were telling me to ask her to take shots with me. I just wanted to dance with her

"Hey, Can I dance with you cutie" I said with a dumb laugh. I wanted to slap myself for saying something that gay.

"Sure cutie" She said mocking me. I laughed at how short she was. My hips were to the middle of her back. We started dancing to Shots by Lil Wayne and lmfao. 

I started to get thirsty, Because the song.  

"Hey you want something to drink" I whispered to her over the music. I looked down to see her boobs looking amazingly big!  


Jessie: Point Of View

At Twelve in the morning my phone went off. Who the hell could be calling me at twelve its Monday, all my friends know I have school at Six in the morning. I answered the phone with a bitchy tone 

"Who the fuck is it " I half yelled half whispered in to my phone.Not wanting to wake my mom or worst my older cousin  

"Its Eva there's a big Party going on " She screamed into the phone. I pulled it away from my ear, because she was loud 


"I want you to come with me" She whined. I groaned, knowing if I say no she'll bring up my Ex boyfriend and how I'm not over him. Which I totally am BTW

"Fine" I said getting up slowly. Heading to the closet to find clothes then the shower. I groaned knowing schools gonna be so long tomorrow

"Don't look ugly either" She said in the bitchy tone that i just used a moment ago. I mummbled how much of a bother she is, rolling my eyes


"I'll be there in an hour" She said all excited  

I picked a Black and Red Tight strapless dress that goes to my upper thigh; In the shower i shaved what needed to be shaved, washed my body and hair then got out and got dress and ready; I looked in the mirror to see my long black strait hair shining in the light, my little eyes are covered with all the eyeliner i have on, my lips are covered in a lot of pinkish lip gloss, blush on my cheeks. My dress looked even more slutty then i thought it would. My boobs were popping out the top,I guess? I got taller because my ass is almost showing. 

Eva showed up right when I grabbed my hand bag. i sneaked out the window and most likely showed my ass to all my neighbor's

It toke about ten minutes to drive there and got out of the car and walking, because there was no where to park. 

when we finally got to the party everybody was either drunk,high or making out. We walked to the house seeing alot of hot guys mostly all college guys. 

"Hey Jessie, I see my friends, Can i go talk to them" She said such of pouting. i chuckled under my breath. 

"Go have fun girl" I said rolling my eyes. Knowing she's going to find her nasty boyfriend. which is my Ex's twin brother

"Ok" She whispered. Walking off strait to a bedroom. 

After Eva walked off, I saw people dancing and wanted to dance, I saw a really hot guy and his friends checking me out. I mean I didn't mind he was hot and had every right 

"Hey, Can I dance with you cutie" A guy said in a husky voice. He laughed after shaking his head.I could smell the vodka on him.

"Sure cutie" He laughed a deep laugh and started moving his hips along with mine. His hips were to the middle of my back. I wonder what sex would be like with him. I groaned feeling his boner pushing in to my back. 

"Hey you want something to drink" He whispered in my ear. I liked the feel of his breath cooling my neck. my favorite song started to play. its hot in here by: Nelly

"Can we just dance to this song first please" I said pouting looking up at him for the first time. It was the hot guy who was checking me out

"You'll have to do something for me sexy" He purred in my ear. I bit my lip liking the pleasure of his hands on my ass and going a little under my small dress. The song started blasting so we started dancing, I started to sing along,

(The songs on the side) 

The guy started laughing at my singing.I turned around to see why he was laughing

"What's so funny" I said frowning, because he wouldn't stop laughing at me,

"So, you wanna take all you clothes off huh?" He lean down fast and kiss me. I was shocked at first but after a minute or so I started kissing him back. We were making out and dancing at the same time; He bite my lip hard. What I'm guessing means, he wants me to open my mouth. I teased him and tried to pull back but he bite my top lip and , what i didn't notice was now we were in the kitchen and i was on the counter my legs were wrapped around his waist!!!!!!

"Wow i didn't even notice that we were in the kitchen damn you look hot!!!" I blushed and he kissed me again this time I open up for him when I did he groaned and pulled me closer to him

I pulled back and stuttered a bit " OK something to drink now right"

"Really babe i really wasn't done with you yet so if you waited a little bit longer that would be great," I laughed cause he said it all in a English tone. I looked at him to see him grinning ear to ear. I felt a hand grab my boob softly,

So that's why he's grinning

"You cute when you blush" He said smirking and grabbed my ass such of hard. I was shocked,

"Come on" He said getting me off the counter, we walked though the dance floor lots of people were grinding on each other, We finallygot past the living room and headed up stairs. I was quietly just watching all the drunk people make fools of themselves. Some people would grab the guy i was just making out with and say stuff like "Hey bud" He told me to ignore them so I did

"So do you like my house." He said lamely, I was shocked, how could he act like this house wasn't amazingly beautiful,I'm sure it could be on cribs,

"This is your house, It's so amazing"

"Here's my room" He said In the same lame voice. I was stopped with these sexy lips kissing me, I didn't get to look inside because , my eyes were closed now kissing this guy, he pulled my legs so they were around his waist again!?!

he started kissing my neck, my eyes were closed still. I could feel him walking toward  a bed, I'm guessing?

"Man, I've got a hard on" He said groaning kissing my neck. I chuckled lightly along with blushing. He laid me on the bed slowly and got on top of me. I could feel his boner now, It was pushing against my thigh hard

"Listen, I really don't wanna have sex, because I'm only fifteen " He said looking at the wall, kind of blushing.

"Yeah, same here I'm only fifteen" I said nodding my head like a moron. Aww what a cute guy he wants to save it for someone special


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