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30. Stay Strong

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Megan Kline, sister of Amanda Williams, arrived at Heathrow airport this morning accompanied by husband Rob and twin daughters Milly and Poppy.

Megan declined to comment when asked about the altercation between her brother Jay Williams and father Robert Williams.

An insider revealed the incident appeared to be over Jays companion, who we now know as Mia Campbell, an accounts clerk from Melbourne.

"Fuck me!"  Jay's angry voice made me jump.

Either Megan is as good an actress as her sister, or she clearly knew nothing about last nights events.

In other news.....

Jay switched off the TV and threw the remote at the wall before trying to control his anger. 

"I'm sorry."  He said as he dragged his hands down his face, his voice still holding traces of his anger.

"That's your phone babe."  I said quietly and he looked at me in surprise and then over to his phone.

"Megan." He said, his voice flat and dejected and I felt my heart constrict at his turmoil. His was silent before he looked my way, his eyes softening as he held out his hand for me to take.

"We're good Megan, together we're in-fucking-destructible." I blinked back my tears as he pulled me onto his lap. "Yeah fine, we'll see you soon."

"They'll be here in about half an hour." The relief was evident and I realised how much I wanted to see her. How much I wanted to speak to her.

"In-fucking-destructible?" I asked and he grinned.

"Yep, let me show you."

He slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it back so it sat on my shoulders. His rough hand reached for my breast and I moaned at the much needed contact.

"You make it so easy when you don't wear a bra babe." He whispered then drew his tongue over my nipple. It hardened immediately and I tangled my hands in his hair as he drew it into his mouth.

He laid me back on the bed, his hand massaging my right breast as his mouth pleasured the left. His knee moved between my legs and he groaned against me as he pushed up against my wetness.

"Jesus." He growled as he sat up and roughly pulled my skirt and panties down my legs, his arms around my thighs and his tongue against my clit within seconds.

"Jay." I moaned as my hands tangled in his hair and I arched my back, my pussy pressing against him.

"Say it again Mia." He growled against my clit, the effect flowing through every vein in my body. "Say my name baby." He repeated and I moaned as all my senses became heightened. "Say my fucking name Mia." He growled again, his fingers entering me and pushing against that spot that made my whole body tremble.

"Jay." I breathed and he sucked my clit into his mouth, his fingers pumping harder and within seconds I was screaming his name as my body shuddered and released.

I lay back and tried to catch my breath, aware that he was lapping up the juices that escaped me. He kissed his way up my body until his mouth was on mine, his teeth nipping and pulling at my bottom lip in a need to have his tongue inside me. I held his shoulders as he kissed me, his hands holding my face, his eyes locked with mine.

I reached down between us and unzipped his jeans, my fumbling fingers pushing them down until his hard cock sprang free. My hands tightened around him and he groaned into my mouth as I guided him towards my entrance. In one quick thrust he was deep inside me and he was swallowing my moans.

I gripped his waist, my nails breaking his skin as I urged him to go faster. Our kiss was broken, but our lips were touching as we both struggled to breathe.

"Your fucking pussy feels so good around me." He whispered. "Everything about you is so fucking right for me Mia."

"Jay." I moaned and he growled as he thrust so deep, my voice was caught in my throat.

"Fucking scream for me baby." He grunted as he gripped my shoulders and took us both to a powerful orgasm.

"Fuck." I moaned, my voice gravelly and Jay smiled against my neck.

"I fucking love your after sex voice babe." He panted, his arms holding me tight against him. "I could be inside you all day Mia, it feels so fucking right."

I tightened my muscles around him and he looked up and smirked as he saw the look on my face.

"Make love to me Jay." I rasped and his eyes darkened as he slowly moved inside me.

He built us up slowly, his usual dirty words absent as he kissed me tenderly and whispered how much he needed me. Our eyes were locked as I began pulsating around him.

"I never feel as good as when you're inside me." I said, my voice croaky and deep and he smiled as he brushed his lips against mine.

"It feels like home." He whispered as we found our release together.

"They'll be here soon."  I whispered, not wanting to break the comfortable silence between us as we lay in each other's arms. 

"I know."  He said without moving.  Finally I rolled myself away from him and he growled and pulled me back. 

"Not without a fucking kiss Mia."  He kissed me greedily, his hand cupping my cheek as he did so, again surprising me with how rough and tender he could be. 

"Get dressed babe."  He said as he gave me one final, gentle kiss on the lips.

"Uncle Jay."  2 little voices shouted excitedly as he bent down and picked them up, scratching their soft skin with his stubble, causing the girls to squeal and laugh. 

"How's my little Princesses?"  He asked as he kissed each of their cheeks. 

"We've been on a plane Uncle Jay." 

"You have?"

Their conversation faded into the background as Megan stepped forward and hugged me.  I didn't realise how much she meant to me until I was clinging to her, trying to get my emotions under control but failing miserably.  Jays eyes looked pained as he watched on and gently indicated we go into the bedroom.

It was about an hour later when we emerged, Megan patiently listening as I unloaded everything. 

"Better?"  She asked as she held my hand comfortingly.  I nodded, suddenly feeling embarrassed at my pathetic outburst.  "Are you and Jay good?"  She asked and we both laughed when I responded. 

"We're in-fucking-destructible."

Jays eyes searched my face when we stepped back out, he looked pained when he saw I'd been crying but welcomed me with open arms when I made my way directly to him. 

"I'm all good."  I whispered as I brushed my lips against his and I felt him relax as he held me against him. 

"Mia."  I smiled up at Jay before turning to the girls who were calling me excitedly. 

"Hi girls, can I have a cuddle?"  As I knelt down they ran over and wrapped their tiny hands around my neck. 

"I heard you went on a plane."  I said and listened as they launched into their stories and out of nowhere I felt an immense need to be a mummy.

I smiled up at Rob, hoping my look conveyed my apology for not greeting him sooner and he smiled and nodded, showing his understanding.

I reached for my phone as it alerted me to a text. The 2 simple words that Harper had written would be repeated in my mind many times over the next few days.

Stay strong xx

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