Krist Novoselic

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1. Krist Anthony Novoselic was born May 16, 1965 in Compton, California, he is currently age 51.

2. He has two siblings, a younger brother, Robert, who was born in 1968, and a younger sister named Diana who was born in 1973.

3. When he was younger he was interested in bands such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, Van Halen and Aerosmith. He has cited Paul McCartney, Gene Simmons, Geezer Butler, and John Entwistle as the fundamental influences in his bass playing.

4. His brother Robert  introduced him to Kurt Cobain, the two ended up sharing music tastes, including a local band, The Melvins. Cobain gave Krist a demo tape from his old band Fecal Matter, and asked Krist start a band with him. After several months Krist finally listened to the tape and agreed to form a band with Kurt. 

5. When he was 14, he went to go live with relatives in Croatia where he discovered Punk Acts such as The Sex Pistols and The Ramones. Now he can speak fluent Croatian.

6. He graduated High School in 1983 and had some surgery done to his jaw to correct a severe underbite soon after.

7. For some time after high school he worked as a painter but was eventually laid off. He also played with a couple local bands and even tried to start a Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover Band with Kurt.

8. After Kurt uninvited Shelli Dilly, Novoselic's wife at the time, from his wedding to Courtney Love. Krist decided not to attend the event, and Krist says that was the moment he was pretty much estranged from Cobain.

9. In early 2004, he married Artist, Darbury Stenderu, and now currently resides near Deep River, Washington.

10. In 2016, He completed his Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from Washington State University.

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