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Chapter 1

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The air was cold and the sky was pitch black. I was making my way towards the club were I was going to meet my boyfriend Drew. I had a short red dress that fit my curves perfectly. My heels were high, but I looked decent to dance. Every step I took made a loud clang but no one noticed. I soon heard the loud booming of the music and I knew I had arrived. I stopped infront of a black door with the word "CLUB" printed in a bright yellow. I entered the club and was soon greeted by a group of intoxicated men. Some were whistling at me and some just stared. I ignored them and headed towards the back. Drew was usually there drinking with his selfish friends. As I was walking, a blonde drunk girl came up to me which I immediatly recognized as my best friend Brooke.

"Hay Nala! Bout time you get hear!" She half screamed, half laughed.

"Whatever. Where's Drew?" I asked. Her smile vanished and she looked at me in the eyes. She looked down and I noticed how she had crossed her arms. "Brooke?" I said. She looked up at me and removed the few strands of hair that were in my face.

"In the back." She said quietly.

As soon as those words left her lips, she walked passed me and headed towards the bar. I kept walking, and in each step I saw Brooke's saddened face. My chest tightened as I noticed Mike, one of Drew's friends, cheering and screaming. I couldn't hear what he was screaming at first, but as I got closer, the name Isabell became clearer. I stoped about five feet away from them and noticed a woman, who i'm guessing was Isabell, on someones lap. I took a step closer and the knot on my stomach got tighter. I soon recognized the male that was being part of this scene. Drew. A gasp was all that came out of my mouth. All heads turned towards me and it seemed as if the music had stopped to add to the embarrassement that I was feeling. I felt the tears begging to come out, but I wouldn't let them. I turned quickly and starded running out of the club. I ran as fast as I could but that wasn't fast enough. As soon as I had reached the outside of the club, I felt a hand tightly pull my arm. Drew turned me around and grabbed my face.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked with a smile on his face. I released myself from his grip and slapped him with so much force that his cheeck turned a bright red.

"HOW COULD YOU?" I yelled. The tears were now pouring down. He pulled my hair back and looked at me in the eyes.

"I can do whatever I want! I'm not gonna be tied down by anyone, especially you!" He yelled back at me with so much anger. I lifted my hand to slap him again but he caught it before I could. I soon felt my heartbeat increase and my hands starded sweating. He lifted his hand and slapped me. The slap made me fall to the floor and the fall down made me twist my foot. He lifted me up by my shoulders and laughed at my pain. "Shut up" he laughed. I pushed him away and hit him in the stomach as hard as I could and starded running. I didn't know where I was going but I knew I wanted to get away. When I thought I was fine, I felt a strong pull in my head. I was forced to turn around and as soon as I did, another slap was planted on my face. This slap was much harder. I fell once more and my sorroundings stared spinning around. He was about to slap me again when a second male voice appeared.

"Don't." The male said. Eveything was a complete blur except the male. I noticed his strong arms. He was holding something in his arms but I couldn't quite distinguish it. Soon, everything went black.

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