Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Heyo! I'm gonna start off all my chapters with "Heyo" because I can. Woah. I'm such a rebel! *omg what is this •_•* anyways back the the story!

Both POV :
David- "Liza will you marry me?"
Liza- "Oh. My. God. Yes Yes Yes!!!" *why did that sound so sexual 😂*
Liza- "I love you so much David"
David- "I love you too"
They have a long romantic kiss and hug for what feels like hours but is only like a minute (I'm not good with all this cute lovey stuff so let's just leave it there)

<Timelapse to the car>

David's POV :
We get to the car and drive to Liza's place. We get to Liza's place and put on a movie and sit on the beige couch and cuddle. Liza was really quite so I look and see that she feel asleep on. I carry her to her bed and lay her down as I start to walk about I hear her voice.
Liza- "David stay please"
David- "Okay babe" I couldn't say no she sound so cute.
As I lay down in bed with Liza she cuddles up to me.
We talk about how happy we are and that we're so excited to be getting married.
I start to slowly kiss Liza's neck moving up to her jaw line then her lips, she lets out a slight moan. As we kiss my phone starts to ring. It was my Mum calling. I didn't want to ignore it in case it was important I answer it to here my mum crying.
David- "Woah. Mum what's wrong?!"
Mum- "It's. It's Toby"
David- "What's happened with Toby!? Mum?!"
Mum- "He..."

A/N :
Aye! Another cliffhanger, so some of the Diza books that I've read mostly have stuff happening with Liza's dad or family so I thought I'd change it up a bit. Also because I'm from the UK I say things a bit different for instance we say 'Mum' instead of 'Mom' so I hope that's not too annoying haha.
And sorry if this chapter was a bit boring but trust me the next one will be much better! Anyways I hope you liked this chapter and if you have any ideas just leave them below. Thanks for reading. Little white girl is outttttttt! Byeeeeeee! Xox

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