02 / Tears and Rebirth

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02 / Tears and Rebirth

This sure added the cherry to an ice cream sundae, didn't it?

Vanessa's boyfriend, Jason, did not tell me that he was going to break up with her — my own best friend! 

To make matters worse, Vanessa was right here standing before us! 

This was definitely something new. Who in their right mind would tell their girlfriend's best friend to do the break up for him? From what I saw, Vanessa inhaled deeply to take everything in.

She must have heard from the very beginning. My palms started to get all sweaty due to the worry that Vanessa might burst into tears because of this idiot. Speaking of the idiot — I meant Jason — he was completely in shock. He thought he could get away from telling her.

Jason's voice shook as his brown eyes were staring at Vanessa.

"You... heard?"

Vanessa scoffed and managed to choke out, "First, you blow me off... then when I come to see my best friend, I find you here... and hear you say you're breaking up with me?"

The idiot was keeping his voice "sweet and gentle" saying how sorry he was for everything.Someone should give this guy the Worst Actor of the Universe award.Despite Vanessa fighting the tears, she pushed him away.

All of a sudden, she raged, "You're... Ugh! You even tried to tell Maisie to do the break up for you!"

She frowned, the green in her eyes deepening.

"You're hopeless, Jason. You're nothing but an ass. I'll be the one to say that we're over. We're over."

The harsh words caused Jason's "sweet" facial expression to drop into distortion. He then kept his chin up high and tried to shrug it off like it didn't matter. Jerk. He didn't even say anything as he tried walking out coolly.

 "Hey, Jason!" I yelled out before he could step out of the market.

 Jason turned, probably expecting me to say something, but no.


Two fresh, yet wasted, thrown eggs landed right at Jason's face. The slimy egg whites and cracked yolk rushed down his cocky face. Jason then turned red and was infuriated. It was hilarious — I even heard Vanessa crack a laugh despite the tears that were welling up in her eyes. Pushing Jason out of the market, he was still speechless.

"The next time you mess with my best friend, it won't be just eggs. It'll be worse! Get out!"

Jason reached to wipe his face, and it sounded like he whimpered. Being the tough guy he was though, Jason raised a clenched fist.

"Maisie, I'll get you for this! You little-"


Another egg was thrown at Jason. This time, it was from Vanessa.

The egg landed perfectly into his large mouth. Vanessa always had great aim since Physical Education. This made Jason choke a bit — well, when you had a whole egg in your mouth, you could only imagine — until he spat it out. 

Vanessa's eyes were dead on him.

"Don't you ever think about insulting my best friend like that. Get out of here."

And finally, the egg-yolked jerk walked away miserably. About time.