Chapter Five

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      Ripley's POV

      I was exhausted. We played so many games of COD when I closed my eyes I still saw the controllers! All the guys were mad because I had beaten them, saying they took it easy on me when I know they didn't. I leaned back into my pillows and pulled my journal out from under the mattress, grabbing a pen off the table next to me. I tapped my pen against my lips, thinking of lyrics that weren't terribly cliche.

      Battered and beaten,

      I'll stand undefeated, 

      Whispers arise from the lips of the mistreated,

       We're all the same in a million different ways, hearts unite together,

       Through all the broken days, 

       Tears leak through the masks,

       Pain, invisible through the cracks

       But I won't be alone for long

      I'll just pack my bags and move along

      Keeping up the act because your hate keeps me strong     

      Suddenly a knock sounded on my door and I scrambled to hide my book before Jace walked in. I sent him a shaky smile and he sat down on the edge of my bed.

      "They're talking about having a party tonight. You going?" He questioned carefully. I shot him an annoyed look and thought about it. Not because I was uncomfortable about going but because I was really tired already. The look on Jace's face though, the sympathetic, pitying look made my decision for me. 

      "Of course I'm going. What time is everyone showing up?" I said, jumping off the bed and searching for my party outfit. I grabbed my phone and sent a quick text to Selly, telling her to come over and to invite Damien. I might as well make the first move.

      "Oh, okay. Well, I'll let you get dressed then." Jace clamoured out of my room and I let out a sigh. Now I just had to make it through this party.

      "Damn Ri, you look hot!" Selly yelled, drawing a bunch of looks our way. I blushed as a few guys made comments at me and pushed through the crowd to the kitchen, grabbing the tap and two plastic cups. I filled mine to the rim and only filled Selly's halfway because she didn't really like to drink.

      I nodded my head at her and downed my cup, quickly reaching to refill it. A hand shot out of nowhere and instead of grabbed the tap it latched onto mine. I looked up into the dark, alluring eyes of Damien Salmer. He grinned at me and I smiled back bashfully. He let go of my head and motioned his head toward the tap. I handed him my cup and he filled it up before handing it back to me.

      "You look great, Ripley," He said, taking a cup from the stack and filling it before taking a sip. 

     I blushed and muttered a thank you. I grabbed his hand and downed my cup again, throwing it onto the bar and dragging him out to the living that was serving as a makeshift dance floor. He takes a gulp of his beer and grabs my waist, pulling our bodies closer together. I look up at him through my lashes and smile. 

     "I'm glad you decided to make the first move, I was a little worried about asking you out." Damien admitted sheepishly, keeping one hand tight on my waist and bringing the other with his red cup up to take a sip. My brain was already slightly fuzzy from the two cups of beer I downed and I could tell I was buzzed.

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