Chapter Thirty Five

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Chapter Thirty Five

I try yet another rhythm of notes on my piano, keeping up my attempt at making something decent sounding. I groan as I come up short and the notes just sound flat with one another. I've been at it for the past hour and a half, and I'm getting nowhere. I have the lyrics perfected, I just don't have a melody to go with them.

"That sounded like a dying walrus." West says as he walks into my room, completely unannounced. I had no clue he was even coming over. Not that I'm complaining one bit.

I turn on my piano bench and grimace at him. "You really aren't the nicest."

He smirks and leans down to give me a greeting kiss. "I know." He pulls away and places himself on my bed, looking right at home.

"Not that I'm complaining, but why are you here?" I ask, turning towards him after sliding the cover over my piano.

He shrugs, "I had to leave the Vet early yesterday and I didn't see you much at school today."

After the news came that it was best if King was put down, Tyler completely lost it. Whatever barrier that was holding his tears back, completely broke. He held onto me tightly and I tried to calm him down, only to look over to see West on his phone needing to leave. He was very apologetic when he said he had to go, gave Tyler a small hug of sympathy and me and small kiss before leaving.

He called me later that night apologizing for leaving, but his mom got called into work and he still needed to pick Casper up from daycare. I was at Tyler's when he called, still comforting my friend.

I snap out of my thoughts and nod at West, smiling teasingly. "Well some warning may have been nice. I could have been dancing around naked for all you knew."

His lips slowly lift into an amused smirk and I realize what I just said. "You do that often, Sunshine?"

I blush deeply and turn my head to hide my reddened cheeks from him. "Shut up," I mutter.

He laughs, "You're the one that said it! And now I'm thinking it." He says, smirking as he closes his eyes. "Thank you, it's a nice image."

I gap at him. "Oh my gosh I'm dating a pervert."

"It's not perverted if we're together!" He says through his laughter.

I roll my eyes at him and he closes his, getting comfortable on my bed. "Mm, good song choice, but you may need some lessons on your twerking skills." He says. "A for effort though, it's hot no matter-"

He gets cut off by me jumping on the bed and hitting him gently with a pillow.

"Stop picturing me naked!" I laugh.

He throws his arms in front of his face while he laughs, the melodic sound bellowing through my room. I place the pillow down and throw my hands on my hips while I pout/glare at him. His laughter dies down and he looks at the position we're in, and I realize that straddling him may not be helping my case.

"I like this." He hums, placing his hands on my hips.

I blush deeply and quickly move to the side, but it only results in our positions switching. He moves with me so that he ends up hovering over top of me with a smirk so deep I worry his lips may stick that way.

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