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7 1/2 months had passed by and Hermione's pregnancy had decided to take a turn for the worse. She had caught a flu and because of it complications had arose. She was placed on bed rest after she started having early contractions. Draco's work houses had shifted from working nights to working days. Because he wasn't able to be home in order to keep an eye on Hermione. Her parents would come over every morning to take Avril to school and watch Hermione.

"Are you sure you don't need me to stay with you?" Draco said as he was fixing his tie.

Hermione looked over to Draco and nodded his head. "I'll be fine, plus Avril is here and she can watch me."

Draco didn't like the idea of leaving Hermione alone for even a minute but he had to go to work. Draco hadn't touched his family inheritence since after the wedding. Every ounce of money he had spent from that day on he had earned himself and that he was proud of. Because of this he worked every day - with the exception of weekends - so he didn't want to miss a day if he could.

"Okay. I will go but I will be home as soon as I can I promise."Draco said a he kissed her. "If you need me at all just call." Draco headed to the fire grate and used floo powder to go to the office.

Looking at the clock on the wall Hermione hissed as she realized that her daughter was going to be up any moment and needed to eat breakfast. Slowly she got to her feet, stumbling a few steps, she gained her balance before she slowly headed downstairs. She manuvered her way through the kitchen getting the items for a cheese omelete and hashbrowns. After 5 minutes of sizzling and popping noises she flipped the food onto a plate. Heading towards the table she stopped as the plate slipped from her fingers and went crashing through the floor.

Hermione grabbed at her stomach as a wave of pain hit her bringing to her her knees. Her eyes widened in fear as she felt something trickling down her leg, moving her hand she touched her leg and brought it back up only to see blood coating her fingers. Another sudden waved of pain hit bringng her to the floor on her face. Holding her breath Hermione let a scream of pain slip through her lips.

Light footsteps came trailing across the floor and into the kitchen before they stopped.

"Mummy?" Avril's voice whispered. Walking around the island in the kitchen she stopped. "Mum" she said again as she moved to the floor beside her. "You are bleeding are you okay?"

Hermione's head rolled around to find her daughter before she shook her head. "Love, bring mommy the-" Hermione's final words got caught in her throat as she began becoming light headed and her eyes became too heavy as she felt a immense pressure trying to push her under. Too weak to fight it she gave in and all went black.

"Mum" Avril whispered again. Looking over her body Avril noticed where the blood was coming from. Moving to get some towels she pressed it against what she thought was a wound to try and keep from bleeding. Getting up she ran from the room and grabbed the phone before she dial 3 numbers.

"9-1-1 what is your emergency."

"My mum is bleeding and she isn't waking up"

"Is your mother breathing dear?"

"Hold on I will check"

Avril set the phone down on the floor and tried to remember what she had watched on television that one day at her grandparents house. The person on the tv put his ear down to the victims face to see if he could hear the person breathing so she did the same. Tilting her ear towards her mothers ear she listened for a breath to hear nothing.

"She isn't breathing she needs cpr" Avril said to the person on the phone.

"Honey do you know what your address is?"

"7777 Northridge ave"

"Okay thank you dear there will be someone on their way soon. How old are you?" the person asked.

"I'm 5 years old."

"Keep tight someone will be there to help your mother soon."

"She isn't breathing I am going to help her and save her and my baby brother and sister."

There was a pause before the dispatch person spoke. "Your mother is pregnant?"

"Yes she is I am going to have a brother and sister. I am going to go and help my mum I will talk to you later." Avril set down the phone and moved to her mother.

She remembered on the television that the man tilted the victims chin up to clear the airway so she did the same. Next she remembers the person given the victim two breaths so she mimicked that. Lastly she remembered as she had watched very carefully the 30 chest compression that the man gave the victim to help them

She was on her second set when the door opened and emergency medicals emerged. They took over and one of the men took her into another room to keep her form seeing the blood.

"You were very brave to help your mother. Where did you learn how to do cpr?" the man asked.

"I watched it on tv, I like learning things" she replied.

Just then the door opened and in walked Hermione's parents looking around frantically. Avril jumped up and ran into her grandmothers arms.

"Mommy is bleeding I helped her"

Hermione's grandmother handed her to her husband before she walked over to the man that was watching Avril. "Where is my daughter?" she asked him.

"Your daughter is being prepped for transport to the hospital. It seems she is going into labor, do you know how far along she is."

Mrs. Grangers attention was grabbed as she watched her daughter being wheeled out of the house by EMT with bloody towels and blankets everywhere. "She- she is er almost 9 months, 8 1/2 months I believe."

Mr. Granger walked forward with a grave look on his face. "She is going to be okay, I mean her and the babies right?"

"Sir we promise we will do everything we can"


Draco had just got word that his wife had been taken into the emergency room and left work right away. He made it back to the house so he could grab the car and drive into London to the muggle hospital. Running through the emergency room he stopped as he came into Hermione's room. Her mother and father were sitting on either side of Hermione and Avril was sitting in another chair at the foot of the bed reading a book.

"How is she? How are the babies?" Draco said as he walked forward sitting on the bed and taking her hand into his own.

"She lost quite alot of blood when she hemorriged so she is getting a transfusion. The babies are doing okay, she just had them not even 10 minutes ago. The nurse said they looked to be full term they just needed to take them and make sure everything is good in their health."

Before Draco could speak a nurse walked in with a basinett that held two babies, once dressed in blue and another dressed in pink.

"Daddy can I hold my baby brother and sister please?" Avril spoke as she set down her book.

Draco looked to the nurse who nodded her head before she left. Walking over with the baby girl in one arm he placed it gently into her arm and then did the same to her brother so that she was cradeling them.

"Have you thought of any names for them daddy?" Avril asked.

Draco sat beside his daughter and thought. "Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy."

"And my sister?"

"I think you should name her Livelex Fayette Malfoy"

Draco's eyes widened as he watched them.

"Scorpius and Livelex"

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